The use of hypnosis for anesthesia has a great advantage over the use of anaesthetics.Tests over a period of time have revealed that anesthetics can cause regular and marked changes in the rhythms and responses of the brain, but hypnosis is not accompanied by any such side effects and disturbances in the brain. It has been proved that hypnotic sleep does not produce any significant changes in the Alpha rhythms of the brain.

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The insensitivity induced by hypnosis to pain can also be prolonged into the walking state by deferred suggestions. Hence, it can enable a patient to recover from the post surgical period without any pain or suffering which happens when the effects of the drugs administered to induce anesthesia begin to decrease gradually.

The use of hypnotism in inducing anesthesia is a well-known fact, and its use can be first traced back to 1821 when Recamier used hypnotic sleep to carry out a surgical operation. It was also used by Baron du Potet in his surgeries. And has been regularly used all over the world during surgeries and dentistry, until ether, cocaine, chloroform and other drugs were discovered. The use of hypnosis to induce anesthesia may not be so easy or convenient but it can still be used in such cases where the use of drugs is considered.

Those persons who have mastered the art of SELF HYPNOSIS can also use self-hypnosis when in pain or if any sort of surgery is required to be performed upon them. The power of hypnotism to reduce pain and suffering without any danger or side effect is simply marvelous.

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