A man is both matter and energy. Body is matter and its moving force or energy is the soul. Thus, a human being is a combination of body, mind or soul. This is the reason why man is called a rational and thinking animal. His actions are guided by his thinking. He first thinks and then acts. His actions are expressed by his bodily movements. And behind these physical movements are mental activity, ideas, thoughts, feelings sensations etc.

Human Mind 3D Artwork
Human Mind 3D
It is the idea, which is translated later on into action. It is the mind, which imagines, thinks, conceives, wills and controls the organs of the body. Every action or bodily movement is ultimately the result of an idea or impulse. That is why it is rightly said that we do and we are what we think. Throughout our lives, we continue to receive and act upon suggestions received from others. They mould and guide our activities. Any kind of schooling, training etc, is all almost suggestions.

Thoughts are contagious. They influence others. Thus, thought is the foundation of hypnosis. It helps the subject in becoming aware of his infinite thought power and then teaches him how to use and increase this to his great advantage; the process of thinking is very stubble and operates at the level of conscious and sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is far more mysterious and important than the conscious. It is like the abyss of an ocean wherein are the pearls and other gems of great beauty. Hypnosis brings this sub-conscious mind into activity,

It has been said that the sub-conscious mind never forgets. The impressions received by conscious mind are forgotten and erased with time. But the conscious mind retains all the impressions it receives for future use. The sub-conscious is involved in much higher and larger issues than the conscious mind. The sub-conscious possesses extra ordinary and inexplicable powers of judgment, memory etc. which are beyond logical deductions and rational analysis. The sub-conscious is not subject to time and space. It can go back or forward in time. Hypnosis brings into use these powers.

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