The next step in SELF HYPNOSIS is the access to the sub-conscious mind. The duplicity of the mind is well known, and it forms the basis of the self and hetero- hypnosis, if the normal mind takes a suggestion, holds it fast, then the suggestion percolates to the sub-conscious, and in due course of time it is materialized. Please keep in mind that once an idea is impressed upon the sub-conscious mind, it is never forgotten or destroyed.

Sub-Conscious mind 3D Artwork Image
Sub-Conscious Mind 3D Art
Our sub-conscious mind is like an abyss, hidden, fathomless and mysterious, yet it is more important than the working mind. Please keep in mind that it is not the conscious mind that activates and controls us but the sub-conscious mind. All our senses and bodily organs are in fact an extension of this sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind can be compared to a telephone exchange, which receives communication in form of sense impressions and impulses and then passes them on to the sub-conscious; the sub-conscious does not recognize the barriers of time and space.

The sub-conscious within us can be approached when it is in a quiet and calm state, in hypnotic state we have an easy access to the sub-conscious, because it is when the body is in a relaxed state and the senses are numbed. This is a state when the sub-conscious is ready to receive suggestions and impulses from the self or others.

Therefore it is most important to approach the sub-conscious when you are in a relaxed state, this state is either just before sleep at night or immediately after a deep soothing sleep when the senses are in a numbed state,

This state of deep relaxation can be created through the practice of self hypnosis, and can be used to fulfill your deepest wishes and desire. The exploration of the sub-conscious is the greatest journey one can ever undertake and everything pales in comparison to this adventure.

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