How to manage Anxiety

Anxiety is that unpleasant feeling you get, when you perceive certain unpleasant or unwanted probabilities, which are likely to happen in the future. Anxiety is triggered off by the stress, which one feels about the likely outcome of what one perceives as unavoidable certainties.

Anxiety is always accompanied by a variety of physical effects like excess heartbeats, excessive sweating, and fluctuations in blood pressure and heartbeats and numerous other symptoms. There are also psychological and emotional problems like hypertension etc.

There is always a tendency to completely believe what your mind tells you. As also is habit of believing, pondering over, and trying to find hidden meanings to what you have dreamt about. Thus, Anxiety is triggered off by apprehensions and dreams about certain events, which you perceive as unavoidable.

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The mind is an instrument about which very little is known, the working of the mind is still a mystery. Those suffering from excess Anxiety should have a close look at the following examples—

Almost everyone has experienced a wide variety of dreams, for example if you think deeply about beautiful and scented flowers before going to sleep, you are most likely to dream that you are in magnificent garden full of the most beautiful and scented flowers. The next morning when you wake up you are likely to ponder over the meaning of your dream, whether you had a vision or a glimpse of heaven or the garden of God.

Supposing in your sleep there was some tightening around your throat, due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position or due to tight clothes, you are most likely to dream that someone is strangling you or that you are being taken away in chains to be hanged. Most certainly, an interesting story will be woven around your hanging or strangling.

Now if you think deeply on the above you will understand that the mind is the greatest inventor of stories, all that it requires is some sort of stimulation, and then it invents the most amazing and astonishing stories complete with all the minute details.

The same rule is applicable in the walking state, the thoughts entering your mind due to stress arising out of an impending unwanted event are sufficient to stimulate you mind, and a web of probabilities comes into play. The more you think about the stress full situation the more entangled will your mind be; the mind has in its depths a sea of unlimited probabilities.

I recommend the use of self-hypnosis, as deep HYPNOSIS will take your mind to the somnambulistic state, and it is in this state that autosuggestions touch your sub-conscious the use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS is well known and documented.

Our sub-conscious mind is like an abyss, hidden, fathomless and mysterious, yet it is more important than the working mind. Please keep in mind that it is not the conscious mind that activates and controls us but the sub-conscious mind. All our senses and bodily organs are in fact an extension of this sub-conscious mind. Hence, the use of powerful suggestions is recommended in reaching the sub-conscious.

Some powerful suggestions are very effective in curing Anxiety. Try this one “Well my anxiety is self imposed. It is a phobia. There is no reason for it. I am perfectly capable and skillful. There is hardly any room to entertain fear on any account. I will change myself and stop thinking negatively; henceforth I will not fear anything, come what may. I promise myself that I will not entertain fear and anxiety on any account”
Or this one “Its just my mind inventing some interesting story, my mind is doing this to make me more complete and capable and to tune up my thinking skills. It is just like a mental game, I will not let it affect me create anxiety. There is really nothing to the story, it is not a prophecy or a vision and will never come true. Henceforth I will be the master of my mind, and not let the mind become my master”

As the powerful suggestions start making an impression on your sub-conscious, your Anxiety will start fading away, the sub-conscious will impress on your mind that Anxiety is just a phobia and self imposed, and there is really nothing to it.


  1. Hi Prophet.
    Very interesting,but what about the anxiety that shows up without reason ,like a sixth sence predicting something to come in the future.
    how to deal with that?Will.

  2. Since anxiety usually involves projecting oneself ahead into the future, the best remedy seems to be concentrating on the present moment and one's present activity.


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