Here I am giving some fruitful educational suggestions aimed at overcoming physical relationships related problems and misconceptions. Each suggestion is preceded by a wrong notion which is generally the root cause of impotence or some other malfunctioning. These suggestions can easily be implanted into your sub-conscious through the use of HYPNOSIS.

1. Physical acts between man and woman is ignoble, dirty and never to be talked and thought about.
No, Love is a universal phenomenon and of fundamental importance. The more I know about it, the better will be my martial life, and more near I shall be to the truth and reality. Abiding and living physical relations help in building a sensible, happy and constructive family and social life.

2. I always thought that marriage was always sunshine and a bed of roses, but it has really disillusioned and cheated me.
I was living in fool’s paradise, that’s why I am feeling disillusioned and cheated. Now I shall become practical and earn happiness through adjustments, mutual efforts and sacrifices. After all marriage is a co-operative and joint enterprise.

3. Love is merely physical and a two minute’s job for the satisfaction of the husband.
physical enjoyment is not merely physical; it is also mental and spiritual. Mind is the greatest instrument of physical enjoyment. It is the most intimate form of communication between two souls and bodies, this bliss cannot be achieved unless both the partners and involved equally.

4. I can force my wife into a physical act anytime I wish, even against her wishes. After all I am a man and must dominate her.
To force her into physical activity is oppression. Marriage is an emotional bond I must give due consideration to her feelings, I must win her confidence and win her over.

5. I am a small sized man and hence,  I will not be able to satisfy my would be wife.
There is no correlation between the size of a man and a mans physical strength and capacity. The size does not make much difference because love between man and woman is free of the sizes of the couple, it is all about feelings and emotions.

6. I am his wife and must not show any activeness in our marital relationship, it would be considered shameless and ignoble.
Physical relationship related apathy or indifference, real or feigned on the part of the female, in the name of modesty is the greatest killjoy ever encountered by the husband.

7. My wife has given birth to two baby girls, while I wanted to have a son, she is responsible for this.
The kind of sperm cell determines the sex of the baby and not the ovum of the women. If a sperm contains 'x’ chromosome and unites with the ovum, it will be a girl. If the union is with ‘y’ chromosome it will be a boy.

8. We have been married for a long time. Now there is hardly any need for physical relationship and mutual love and affection.
Let not the physical relationship become mechanical, stale and routine. Actual Physical Actions are not as important as the romance and the prolonged prelude in the form of winning, wooing and proper stimulation. An artistic and stress free romance goes a long way in strengthening marital relations between husband and wife.

Note- Article written for educational purposes to educated people on the use of hypnosis in enhancing happy  marital relationship between husband and wife.

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