Sexual urge manifests in each and every person, trying to find someone without this natural urge is like finding a needle in a haystack. There is nothing abnormal about experiencing a Sexual urge or even feeling overwhelmed by it. Sexual urge is nothing but the Creative force in nature, which is manifesting itself in your body; the primary function of this creative force is creation. Each and every living being is created through Sexual intercourse, and Sexual urge is what powers intercourse.

The persons who wrote the rules and regulations for manmade religions as well as the moral scientists have miserably failed to understand the REAL MEANING OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. By painting sex as something bad and immoral, what these fools have ultimately succeeded in doing is mutating the minds and memory of their unsuspecting followers, and done great disservice to mankind.

The Sexual urge, which one feels and becomes overwhelmed by, is the doorway to attaining the ultimate bliss, which everyone is after. This Bliss is called by various names like enlightenment, Nirvana or Samadhi. First and foremost, you have to be aware and fully understand the fact that, this Sexual urge is nothing but the manifestation of the Creative force out of THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, in your body.

I would advise you to feel happy and satisfied by remembering that you are the lucky recipient of this natural energy manifesting itself in your body. This Creative energy, which you feel inside your body, can be converted into destructive or negative energy or positive energy depending upon how you channelize it. It is ultimately in your hands how you utilize this vast reservoir of energy, which is at your disposal.

It is of utmost importance to remove all the crap, which has been fed to you by manmade religions and moral scientists. Once you remove this crap, which you can easily, by telling yourselves and believing that it is really crap. If you feel discomfort or a feeling of unease you can try whichever technique of HYPNOSIS, which you feel most comfortable with. Once you have removed the accumulated crap in your mind, then the next step commences.

Once you have detoxified you, mind, then you feels a natural sense of calmness and confidence, which you will notice, was lacking before. There after whenever you sense and feel the sexual urge rising in your body, you can tell yourself in calm and confident tone-
How lucky I am that the creative force is manifesting itself in my body.
I can feel this creative force, it is everywhere in my body.
I am now being overwhelmed by this creative force.
My body is changing itself; the creative force has completely taken charge of my body.
I am now turning into the creative force.
I have now turned into the creative force.
I am the creative force.
I am now one with nature, I have acquired the ultimate Bliss, I have achieved Nirvana, I am now enlightened.
I have now become truly Non-Dual.

It is most important not to think about the fruits, and expect them to materialize immediately, when you are in the process of becoming one with the energy which has manifested in your body by the way of an Sexual urge. If you start thinking about the fruits then you are converting this energy into a negative one. The entire conversion process should be natural and spontaneous. You will get it right after numerous attempts or even at the first attempt.

Thereafter you might even experience that the energy permanently resides in your body, and that this energy is you. When you experience that you are the energy, then you will have acquired what is called the state of Samadhi, Nivnana, enlightenment or liberation. This state of being is also called as the Non-Dual state.

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