The use of hypnotism can be used effectively in the eradication of bad habits. Bad habits are counterproductive and are easily acquired, but at the same time, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. Our lives are governed by nothing else but our habits.

Good habits bring fresh air, sunshine, happiness and, health, into our lives. Bad habits cause, gloom, despair, disease, hopelessness, repentance and other negative emotions into our lives. Hence, it is desirable to strengthen our good habits and eradicate bad ones.

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Stammering, Stuttering, Masturbation, Obsession, Nervousness, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Smoking, Laziness are some of the frequently found bad habits. There is a connection between SELF HYPNOSIS AND THE SUB CONSCIOUS, and hence it is easily possible to eradicate bad habits, by making a permanent impression on the sub-conscious.

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In curing bad habits age regression therapy can prove to be most beneficial. In the somnambulistic stage the patient can be taken back into that period of his life when he did not suffer from that particular bad habit which he is suffering from, he may be reminded of that state when he was happy and free, and here the use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS, is one of the most proven methods to achieve success.

Those who are suffering from bad habits, and have an utmost desire to eradicate them, should learn the TECHNIQUE OF SELF HYPNOSIS, as it is easily possible to eradicate bad habits, without the help of a hypnotist, by the use of Autosuggestions and Age regression therapy.

Age Regression therapy is what I would recommend to those who have a burning desire to eradicate bad habits on their own without any outside help. Here all one must do is to give powerful suggestions to yourself, these Autosuggestions when given in a hypnotic state make a permanent impression on the sub-conscious.

When one goes back into that state when one was free from these habits, one can see clearly how much better his life was, how happy and free from worries he was. Then such an impression is formed on the sub-conscious, through the use of powerful Autosuggestions, one must obtain a promise from yourself to be happy always and completely eradicate those bad habits. Thus, an impression formed on the sub-conscious is of a permanent nature, and one becomes free from bad habits and sunshine comes back into our lives.

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  1. Great post! Really fascinating! I think you're absolutely right: our habits chiefly determine whether we're happy or not.


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