Meditation is auto-hypnotism pure and simple. Meditation as a form of Self hypnosis has many wonderful and amazing inherent curative effects. It is a wonderful method of sitting down, letting go and forgetting everything, in order to be in communication with the Universal and Cosmic Consciousness. By the practice of MEDITATION OF SILENCE, the life force inherent everywhere called pranic energy can be easily aroused to supply you with the abundance of pranic energy. The pranic energy which is generated can be used for healing or for any other purposes.

The energy thus generated can cure most diseases related to physical and mental weakness ,such as dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, palpitation of the heart, timidity, insomnia, nightmares, impotence, fear, anger, sentimentality, emotional unsteadiness, amnesia, skinniness, poor digestion, lethargy, weariness and other such ailments and diseases.

Meditation 3D
The use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS or SELF HYPNOSIS in the form of meditation and yogic practices traces its roots back to the ancient Indian Civilization. Autosuggestion was used by ancient Hindus for the all round and total development of their personalities. The breathing exercises of Pranayama have definite mental and curative value. The path of yoga and meditation is the path of self-integration and elevation.

The movement you are in touch with the self evolution commences, integration begins. You must suggest to your self that you are the maker and master of your destiny. If you really accept an idea as true, and if that idea is reasonable, it tends, by means of an unconscious process, to actualize itself or become true.

Greater the hypnotism, far deeper the meditation, and more striking and everlasting are the achievements. This fact has been underlined time and again by seers, thinkers, yogis and saints. It is also a fact that a genius is more wedded to hypnotic trance than most other persons.

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