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It is a well known fact that snakes hypnotize their prey with their fixed and glaring gaze. The prey becomes so fascinated with the snakes glaze that it becomes immobile and ultimately becomes the snakes prey. The animals of prey fascinate their prey so much that the prey’s muscles become paralyzed and a kind of passivity and mental terror is induced. The terror exercised by the larger animals force the smaller ones to yield to them. The fear so generated compels them to come on their own towards their natural enemies, and ultimate death. Some animals when faced with a beast of prey become immobile and start defecating out of rear and terror.

Fascination makes a Moth dash and die into a fire or light. This hypnotic fascination is also found in certain birds, it has been found that they are attracted towards certain lights.Ferocious and restive animals have been tamed by glazing constantly into their eyes or by magnetic passes.

The lion tamers in a circus simply hypnotize the ferocious beasts. The steady glaze of the lion tamers coupled with mechanical devices of intimidation and punishment make the beasts afraid of a power which they think is superior to their own. The spectators and their glaze, the glaring lights, the music and the atmosphere further fascinate the animals into a kind of slavish submission.

Fear has been found to be the principle cause of cataleptic hypnosis in animals. Some animals and insects stimulate death out of fear and approaching danger and turn turtle, this is because beasts of prey normally do not attack a dead animal. The paralysis caused in animals by fear may most often be temporary but sometimes it can result in death.

In lower animals symptoms of hypnosis can be induced, very much like those in men but not similar. Hypnosis in animals further reveals that the phenomenon of hypnotism does not happen merely as the art of suggestion.

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