The most common cases involving supposed Past Life, reincarnation are those involving individual dislikes, Fears and ailments. An explanation regarding the causes of these ailments if blamed squarely on PAST LIFE makes the complainant feel really happy and important. I am not rubbishing Past Life experiences for I have encountered genuine cases, genuine cases are totally different and unique, there is no set model or stereotype of what a Past Life reincarnation case should be like. I have encountered such cases, but please remember that finding a genuine Past Life reincarnation case is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The entire universe is made up of vibrations, and of these vibrations, Suggestions are the most powerful. We are living in a world of Suggestions, right from conception through infancy, childhood, youth, adult life and old age our life is nothing but what is molded by Suggestions, which bombard us throughout our life. Hence if the idea of Past Life is suggested to you and depending on your receptivity it gets permanently implanted in your memory, and you start believing that all your troubles stem from your past lives.

There was a person who came to me for advice, this person had an intense dislike for curd and buttermilk, not only the smell but also the thought would make him nauseated and feel like vomiting. He believed this had something to do with his past lives, as there was no apparent reason for this intense dislike. I then asked him to inquire of his mother if she had taken these products in excess during her pregnancy, and true enough his mother turned out to be a lover of curds and buttermilk, and this had been a major portion of her diet during the time of her pregnancy.

The process of memory in the Fetus normally starts when it crosses the period of 30 weeks. Though research in this area is in the primary stage, what is clear is that the Fetus acquires memory in the womb. In the above case the excess intake of curd and buttermilk, made the Fetus uneasy and the smell was implanted in its memory. Thus, it developed the intense dislike for these food products.

In case of most physical and mental ailments, it is blockages in any of THE SEVEN CHAKRAS, which control the entire human body, which is responsible for the improper functioning of the corresponding body parts. These ailments have nothing to do with your past lives. If these blockages are cleared using proper techniques, the ailments both physical and mental will also disappear.

Techniques used in Past Life Regression are the same, which are used in the eradication of bad habits through HYPNOSIS. The major difference is that in the practice of hypnosis or self-hypnosis the suggestions given are specific to the bad habit, which is sought to be cured. The bad habit is isolated and pinpointed and the entire focus of the hypnosis is centered on it. Thus, there is limited scope for the memory going haywire.

In case of the hypnosis sessions involving Past-Life Regression Therapy, the focus of the session is on the assumed Past lives. The most important thing to watch out for is that the brain and memory is fully capable of inventing Past Lives in isolation, without either the subject or the practitioner realizing it. These inventions of the memory are so convincing that it possible for all those concerned to be fooled easily, and this includes the subject himself as well as the practitioner.

Many of you might have experienced many times in your lives that if you imagine a particular sensation or smell, you dream of an entire episode involving it. For example if there is some pressure on your throat in your sleep, the memory will conjure an entire episode involving it, like someone is strangling you or that you are being hanged, and some story will be woven around it. The next morning will be dedicated towards figuring out the dream and trying to find hidden meanings and messages, the same is the case in the majority of Past Life Regression sessions.

Past Life reincarnation is real, but as I have said before it is very difficult to find a genuine case of Past Life reincarnation. I have seen and observed some of these rarest of rare cases and will be writing about them soon. The very foundation of Hinduism revolves around reincarnation; it is the truth, but not the truth as most people see it.

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  1. please tell me to turn my karma into good one because of karmic reincarnation.


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