Anger is that emotion which is experienced by everyone, lucky is that person who does not experience it. There are numerous techniques and methods which teach you about anger management. Some of these methods are beneficial, but most of them are useless, they confuse you further and lighten your purse. To control and manage anger one has to know about what anger really is and the harm it does to your body.

Anger arises from a variety of causes, some of them may be justified and there might be a genuine reason for you to get angry. However, one must not go deeply and distinguish between anger which is justified and anger which is not justified. This is so because the harm it does to your body is the same and the intensity does not fluctuate. So one must not dwell too much on the reasons for getting angry, but on how to control it.

In my earlier post on THE SEVEN CHAKRAS, I have written about how the life force or prana is supplied to the entire body through the sympathetic, parasympathetic and central nervous systems, which run in a curved manner along the spine, the points of their intersection are the seven chakras or energy fields which correspond to a particular gland which is situated in that particular body part. The function of these seven chakras is to supply the life energy to that area of the body to which they correspond.

The lower chakras THE MULDHARA CHAKRA or the root chakra and THE SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA, which are the chakras with the lowest frequency, are greatly activated when lower emotions like anger are felt. When you get angry the life force which has to be divided equally in the body, flows downwards to your lower chakras as these chakras need the life force most, as their normal functions are disrupted, and they need more energy. Thus, there is an uneven flow of life energy throughout your body, and many body parts are deprived of their regular quota of this energy. When this supply is disrupted that body part does not function properly and there are strong chances of diseases which may affect that particular body part.

The best way to control anger is through the regular practice of the MEDITATION OF SILENCE, which ensures that the supply of life force or prana is evenly distributed throughout the body. Please remember that when you get angry your body vibrates at a lower frequency as the lower chakras are greatly activated. This ensures that your mind; brain and thinking do not function as they normally do, and you may take wrong decisions and actions which you may later on regret.

The most important things to remember when you feel angry, is to remember that you are not harming the person or thing which you are angry at, but yourself. When you understand what anger does to your body then only will you in a levelheaded manner try to control anger. The regular practice of the meditation of silence will greatly help you to control disruptions in the supply of the life energy and to look at anger in a calm and composed manner.

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    Yes i do agree and believe anger can lead to unhealthy conditions in the body.

  2. A low self esteem which makes you think "How Dare He" leads to a lot of anger... suppressed anger too has a profound effect on the body, it also leads to depression.
    enjoyed the read...thanks

  3. Is/are there any mantra/s to heal physically, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - completely - from the effects of exploding verbally in uncontrolled angry outbursts after trying to control anger for many many years?


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