Marriage is that institution between man and woman, in which all desires relating to intercourse have their fullest expression and fulfillment. However, in these troubled times marriages more often than not fall short of our ideas and expectations. Consequently, one is seen to make the best of one’s marriage, and no doubt, this best may turn out to be second or third best. Marriage can be a real boon, for man and woman, if couples learn and understand self-hypnosis, and know that there is a permanent link between SELF HYPNOSIS AND THE SUB CONSCIOUS. Intercourse and marriage if viewed in the proper perspective, emerges as a thing of beauty, a physiological and emotional union between two human beings, in which the interplay of two unique personalities has the widest and most permanent scope.

Intercourse is not merely a physical act; it is not confined to your bodies only. Mind is the highest instrument of sexual enjoyment and activity. Please keep in mind that sexuality permeates the mind more profoundly than it does the body. The entire gamut of one’s thinking, emotions and the entire being is influenced, inspired and colored by the kind of sexual experience one has. Sex is one of the deepest and most intense forms of communication between two bodies and two souls. Happy martial and sex life depends on many factors including the right knowledge of sex mechanism and the psychic and emotional rapport between the two partners. It is a complex and delicate matter.

Hypnotic relaxation and the use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS, coupled with a positive attitude can make your martial and sex life, by and large a more memorable and satisfying experience. The AWARENESS of sex and sexual activity as a positive force is of utmost importance. This positive approach toward intercourse and its related matters will make couples feel that marriage is a union of both the bodies, and minds, a fusion of two parts into one great whole.

Marriage in its true sense is an integration of physical, emotional and moral lives. This integration can be further cemented by the knowledge of hypnosis. People marry for love and out of love, but to sustain love, make it grow and take it from strength to strength, requires constant care, a lasting sense of companionship and a sense of belonging to one another. These are the ingredients which make a married life enduring, loving and complete.

By the proper use of self-hypnosis, both the husband and wife can work as a single thinking unit, and enjoy all the benefits of married life to its fullest.

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  1. Very unique perspective on sexual and marital bliss. A very beautiful and sublime view of marriage.

  2. I thought people did not have sex after marriage :) Your article presents an intersting perspective. I guess this can be applied even if the couples are not married.



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