Awareness is one of the most common words you hear, and more often than not, we take it for granted, without really understanding the deeper meaning or significance of being aware or awareness. The most common meaning which everyone knows is “to be aware of something’’.That is we know something, we have read about it, seen it on television or someone has told us about so we are aware of it. Another common explanation is that it is described in our religious texts so we are aware, we are aware that so and so is a son of God and so and so is an Avatar or a Prophet. Very few people take the effort of taxing their brains and really trying to understand what is meant by awareness.

Awareness in the spiritual sense means to be aware of god or reality or the universe and existence or creation. How many people have you ever met who are aware of these things in the real sense of the word, and how do you know that they are really aware. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to confuse you, what I want you to do is to thing deeply on awareness, and ask yourself if you are really aware and do you know someone who is aware and how do you know that he is aware.

When one is aware, one knows that one is aware of existence, god, and creation and so on. The difference between the ordinary man and the enlightened man is that the enlightened man is aware. What I mean is that this person in the real sense of the word knows that he is one with everything, and he is everything. This is what I meant when I said in my earlier posts that WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING AND THE THING LIVES INSIDE US. The person who is aware of this is the one who is enlightened. This is the person who feels, knows, sees, hears and tastes eternity or the whole of which we are a fragment of, this person can and loose or keep his identity at will when he merges into the whole. He is wide-awake and aware.

Now the first question you will ask me is have such persons described eternity or the whole in detail, has he given the answers to the questions which we want to hear eagerly. This is an escape route for atheists and others whose natural mindset is to disbelieve everything mechanically by logic like automatons. I would like to tell you that reality might be different from what is taught by religion or scientists, there is a certain common notion about eternity in all religions and philosophies.

One may be aware of eternity, the whole and feel and be one with the whole, but how can a fragment describe the whole, or even if the fragment merges into the whole, how can the whole describe itself. The whole is infinite and how can the infinite describe itself, if it were to describe itself then it would not remain the infinite, but be the finite. This is why even those who merge into infinity and become aware cannot describe infinity.

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  1. As Lao-Tzu said: "The Tao that can be understood is not the true Tao."


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