Religion more than anything else has been the dominant factor in shaping the history of the world, or whatever is known to us about the history of mankind. Religion even when founded with the best of intentions, has triggered off a chain reaction, which the later generations have had to pay for dearly, bloodshed, violence, torture, war are some of the easily noticeable side effects. Mental enslavement is the major side effect or gift of organized religion. Mental enslavement has made the human mind stagnant and full of second hand and third hand knowledge which has led to mutation in the human mind and stopped it from going its natural course which is expansion.

Then how is religion to be structured in the SETTLEMENTS IN THE WORLD CLIMAX, first of all we should learn from history. The obvious example is that of JESUS CHRIST CHAIN REACTION, there are of course other examples; one has but to look at these examples clearly and figure out for one self the deadly chain reactions which have been triggered off and the consequences which mankind has had to bear as a result.

Now only when the settlers in the new settlements have fully studied and understood the chain reaction of organized religion, then only should they formulate how religion should be structured in these settlements. I am not against religion, in fact religion or what ever name you wish to call it by is the primary stream which helps you evolve to the next level in your natural evolution process. This natural process of evolution has been soundly defeated by organized religion as it exists today. The minds of the active followers or true believers of these religions have been enslaved to such an extent, that they have stopped evolving and have mutated and become morbid and stagnant.

Religion should be structured by the pioneers in these settlements. in such a way that total and complete freedom should be given to the inhabitants to evolve, here I must add that no two mind are alike, and what bears fruit in one, might bear thorns in the other. Hence a stereotyped model is best avoided. What a stereotyped model may achieve is creating automatons much like organized religion does today.

The best model of Religion which I would suggest is to for giving complete freedom for the individual to evolve in his own way that is to discover for himself the path which suits him the best. He should be given a freehand as long as his evolution process does not violate the fundamental or basic human laws either of himself or others.This does not mean that advise and help should not be given,guidance should be certainly given to those who need it or those who seek it.Experiences are meant to be shared and here it should be kept in mind that when you help others,it is really yourself who you are helping.

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