Knowledge literally means the art of knowing. Most religions define knowledge as the knowing of religious scriptures and texts. The person who knows all the scriptures, the numerous rituals is revered as a fountain of knowledge or a saint. So also in all other field whether scientific or educational, we have these giants of knowledge. In the legal profession such person are called luminaries.

These giants of knowledge have since time immemorial handed over their knowledge to future generations, the future generations have had their own giants, who learnt everything and added their own and then handed it over to others, this cycle has been going on and on. Such persons have been put on a pedestal and to differ with them is considered as sacrilege, this is true to a larger extent in organized religion.

What is true is that most of the knowledge acquired by the common man is second hand, and knowledge, which has been handed over. This has ensured that the common man has lost the mental faculty to acquire firsthand knowledge or pure knowledge. Over the generations, the human brain has mutated from a reactor for generating pure knowledge to a storehouse of second and third hand knowledge. The human mind has thus deviated from what it was structured for and lost its original capacity. The average human being thus now uses only about 10% of the brains capacity. The so-called geniuses may use up to a maximum of 20% of this capacity.

Those who are to blame for this sorry state are the so-called Educationists; these morons enjoy a lot of status in society, and have an inflated ego about their profession. These people, who have already crammed their brains with huge amounts of useless second hand knowledge, then go about inventing educational syllabus, whose final goal is to turn fresh minds into automatons like their own. The innocent and unpolluted minds of children are then crammed with useless facts and figures, which ensures that their brains lose their natural capacity and mutate into storehouses of second hand knowledge.

Examinations are then taken to figure out the cleverest students, and the end result is that those students who remember the most amount of second hand knowledge stored in their brains are classified as brilliant and geniuses. These examinations do not even remotely test the true intelligence of a child, but are in fact memory tests. The egos of these Robots are then inflated, and they start thinking about themselves as superior beings, and then go about implanting their knowledge in the brains of others and the same cycle repeats.

To impart true and pure knowledge to children, the education system which is prevalent everywhere, whether technical or religious has undergo a revolutionary changes, which will ensure that future generations evolve into being better human beings. The acquisition of pure and firsthand knowledge, which has come to a standstill, has to commence once again for the future generations to survive the WORLD CLIMAX.

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  1. I agree. Most of our so-called education today is just a form of brainwashing. I think the only real education is to study oneself, to learn from one's own experience.


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