Somnambulism is that stage when suggestions reach their maximum depth and efficiency; hence, this is a stage when a subject can be best cured of bad habits. This is a stage when cures for bad habits are often instantaneous and may even seem miraculous. Dr. Bernheim has described this state for curing bad habits best.

It is always necessary to have deep sleep for manifestation of a rapid action; simple dullness is sufficient in some cases; but rarely can the patient be relieved or cured of bad habits unless he becomes somnambulistic, with no remembrance of anything upon walking but what you tell him to remember. He will be eminently suggestible.

Certain subjects resist many types of treatment, when they fall into INDUCED SOMNAMBULISM the effect may be visible in some subject after many attempts. However, when they are put into deeper sleep then the therapeutic action of suggestion may be rapid and lasting.

The mode of suggestion should also be varied and adopted to the special suggestibility of the subject. A simple word does not always suffice in impressing the idea upon the mind. It is always necessary to reason, to prove, to convince, in some cases to affirm decidedly; in others to insulate gently; for in the condition of hypnosis, just as in the walking state, the moral individuality of each subject persists according to his character, his inclination, his special impressionability and so on.

It must be remembered that hypnosis does not run all the subjects into a uniform mould, and make pure and simple automation's out of them, moved solely by the will of the operator, it increases the cerebral docility; it makes the automatic activity preponderate over the will. But the later persists to a certain degree, the subject thinks, and reasons, discusses, accepts more readily than in the walking condition, but does not always accept especially in the light degrees of sleep. In these, we must know the subjects character, his particular physical condition, in order to make an impression upon him.

Thus, we can see that Somnambulism is the best possible treatment to eradicate bad habits and also most deceases. The treatment should however vary from subject to subject. The main focus or aim is to put the subject to sleep by means of a suggestion, that is by making the idea of cure penetrate his brain, and remain there permanently.

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