The most complicated question in the settlements in the aftermath of the coming world climax is of security of these settlements. This is because as I have said that the world is neither going to end not on the 21st of December, nor anywhere in the foreseeable future. In NOSTRADAMUS NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012, Nostradamus has been said to have seen the future for the next seven thousand years, where is has been interpreted that the world is not going to end at least in the seven thousand years.

In the aftermath of the WORLD CLIMAX, which is likely to happen anywhere in the near future, mankind will definitely survive. Those who have seen the writing on the wall will definitely have made provisions for SETTLEMENTS IN THE WORLD CLIMAX.These people will no doubt escape the consequences of the immense destruction which will take place.

Now there are going to many other survivors who were not part of these secure settlements. These people will be roaming about trying to find a place to survive. There will also be others of a violent nature, looters, and scavengers and so on. Here the question of security arises. This security should be of a defensive nature, only meant for protection purposes. It would be a good idea to include some people with knowledge and experience of security and military experience and also those with technical and scientific knowledge, in order to have machinery in place if the need arises.

The primary objective is not to keep these settlements as closed camps, but to include deserving newcomers. In case there are a large number of refugees, help and know how should be given to them in order to start settlements of their own. As I have already said in my earlier posts, the main focus should be on mental growth and evolution of the mind. When the mind starts growing it automatically starts finding all answers, including that of security. The process of mental growth should not be compromised at any cost whatsoever. Please remember that it is only mental growth and expansion which will take you to the next step in human evolution, everything else is secondary in nature.

Thus the main problem that of security will solve itself. Yes the problem will itself find the solution. Mankind will survive; the future of mankind is going to be in these secure settlements. There is going to be a massive amount of mental growth and expansion. Here you will notice that I am saying this is going to happen and that this is not a probability but a certainty. This study is not only based on the way current events are shaping, and the imbalance which has set in the governing forces of the universe, but also based on some credible prophesies.

I will in my future posts on this subject talk about these prophecies and findings.

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  1. Mankind might come to an end in the near future, but the earth will carry on long after our demise.


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