In my previous posts, I have written about how and where settlements or bases should be built during the COMING WORLD CLIMAX, now the question arises, how these settlements should be governed. This is probably the most important factor. This factor does not necessarily depend upon the size of the settlement.

Governance has to decided primarily based upon the following factors-
1. Common amenities like food, housing, clothing etc.
2. Education, health and hygiene.
3. Religion.
4. Basic legal infrastructure.
5. Security of the settlement.
These are the main areas, which would require some sort of governance. One has seen from and learnt from history how any sort of governance, started even with the best of intentions has triggered of a chain reaction, full of adverse and long lasting effects, which the future generations have had to pay dearly. Dynasties have been created, and this is true not only of feudal or dictatorial societies but also of democracies.

This is the most important thing to avoid, when formulating a structure of governance in these SETTLEMENTS IN THE WORLD CLIMAX, one must always keep in mind that it is not always the much maligned career or professional politicians who misuse their offices as everyone knows, but also the more intellectual or educated persons or even those who have led a normal life, when entrusted with some sort of authority have been seen to behave in a stupid manner and misuse the authority entrusted to them more than most politicians.

Governance in these settlements should be structured in such a way that the entire group is included, no one should think or feel that he is an excluded person, that is no we and you. This governance should be of a rotating kind, where everyone should be given an opportunity to govern and prove themselves if they so wish to. The main areas of focus should be those, which are for the common welfare. Care should be taken not to create an unhealthy or family culture of governance, where a husband or wife or children interfere in the work entrusted to one of them.VIP culture should be strictly banned.

As I have said that governance should be only in those areas, which are for the common welfare, care should be taken not to interfere with the privacy or way of life of anyone if it is not harmful to others. Of course, those with specialized knowledge should be given specialized tasks, so that their expertise is fully utilized.

In short, what I am saying is that only those areas, which affect everyone, should require governance, and the individual beliefs, thinking, way of life should be left unchanged, as this is the only thing, which helps one to evolve as a person. There should be no moral policing, or personal interference of any kind. The entire model of governance should be modeled according to the basic human laws to existence.

In my future posts, I will talk about the other areas like religion, education etc.

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