The world is heading towards a great climax, but not toward its final climax. A lot has been talked about how the world is going to end on 21st December 2012.I have already made my point clear in my post NOSTRADAMUS NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012, nevertheless we are heading rapidly towards a extremely critical period in the history of the world. This period will surely come sooner than expected, as the balance between THE THREE FORCES OF GOD has been greatly disturbed.

Now how will this coming great climax be like? This can easily be seen from the various world PROPHECIES, which I have already given, all of the lead towards this coming climax. The world will be full of wars and violent acts of terrorism. This will no doubt lead to destruction of life and property of a magnitude never before witnessed in the history of mankind.

It is not just the period when the wars take place, but also the aftermath of the wars which will cause destruction. This aftermath will be a period of mankind trying to desperately fight the long lasting effects of the wars like nuclear radiation, the effects of the biological and chemical weapons which will also be used, but also unknown and deadly viruses which will be born due to the numerous mutations which will take place as a result of the deadly weapons of mass destruction which will be freely used.

Not a rosy picture by any means, but nevertheless this is what will surely be the world picture a few years down the line. Most of the fresh water supply will be contaminated. The food supply that is plants and vegetation will also be contaminated and poisoned. There will be a great destruction of livestock and life in the sea, which are also sources of food.

In such a world scenario it will be extremely difficult for mankind to survive, yes extremely difficult but man will surely survive and a new chapter in the evolution of mankind will commence. This is all predestined and a chain reaction has already started. The main objective of this chain reaction is to correct the imbalance that has set in the three forces of God. It is not we but these three forces which have set this chain reaction in motion.

In my next posts I am going to talk about how to survive the coming world climax.

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    I surely agree that, the end of the world as we know it is getting near ,and yes probably man will survive in a small number .And the cycle of life will start all over again the oceans will recuperate fish will become again abundant and animals will populate the planet again,but every thing as we know it will be gone.

  2. Prophet-I sincerely hope these prophecies describe possibilities rather than what will actually occur. But time will tell.

  3. ok. what will be things after that? and how could one escape these?

  4. Let us be ready to welcome our Lord Kalaki....Let us not forget that the ATAMA i.e the SOUL is immortal...!!
    Lets hope that the Lord forgives our sins and lead to NIRVANA....!! Jai Shiv Shankar...Namaami Shankar...Shiv Shankar Shambhu..!!

  5. am excited to read all these but can anyone of us think for the way to stop or to prevent the destruction, nobody wants to die in pain. If "god" is to punish , then there are tons of people to be punished first.


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