In my last post, I have written about the COMING WORLD CLIMAX, I have said that the world is surely not going to end, but nevertheless the most trying period in the history of mankind will be witnessed. The question which now arises is that how to survive the coming world climax. Yes, one can easily survive if one looks around and uses ones head and imagination even a little bit.

The coming wars are going to hit the more populated areas; these areas might be the industrial or military centers. What one can do is try to find like minded persons or groups, and scout around for safe places to settle in, by safe places I do not mean smaller towns or rural areas, these places are already populated, and if there is large scale migration to these places there will obviously be some kind of conflict with the local residents.

There are lots of inhabited places the world over, these places are free from most kinds of ill effects of modern life including pollution, the oxygen in such places is mostly pure, and oxygen or whatever we breathe in is what gives us life. Then there are places like the mountains or even uninhabited seacoasts, which will be free from the wars and their aftermaths.

I am not saying shift to the mountains or the countryside en mass, but a beginning how so ever modest can be made. Please remember that most big things had small starts. If suppose you form a group and find a suitable place to settle in, then to develop that place that the building of Eco friendly homes, planting of trees or vegetables, or developing farms will take some time though not much. The most important things for survival are food, clothing and shelter. One can start on these things.

I am not saying leave everything and go and live in these places, but to build bases where you can live safely in the times of the coming crises. A few of you can stay in your bases and this could be done through rotation, that is the others taking their places after some time and so on as these bases have to be maintained.

So if you have a group of like-minded persons then I would advise to start building the infrastructure, as you will certainly need it sometime in the future.

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