Knowledge as of today in the common man has come to a standstill, it is the second and third hand knowledge stored in the brain, which has converted the overwhelming majority of the population into automatons. What is the most important need of the hour is to overcome this mutation of KNOWLEDGE AT A STANDSTILL, which has created mass automatons. But first, we have to see what is pure knowledge, and then how we can acquire it.

Pure knowledge is direct knowledge, gained without someone else implanting his acquired knowledge into your brains. For this, one has to look at examples of the highly creative persons of yesteryears. We have to look at Buddha, Adi Sankara, Nostradamus or Leonardo Da Vinci and many others who created something revolutionary. Or the persons who wrote the Vedas or the Mayan Calendar thousands of years back in time.

Where did they get this knowledge from? Why can’t we also get this knowledge? Where can we get this knowledge from?

There were no organized Educationists or Education networks in those days. So it is certain that they got this knowledge on their own. All that there is to know is already present in nature, all that these persons did was to tune in with nature or the unknown. It is quite probable that most of them knowingly or unknowingly practiced some sort of MEDITATION OF SILENCE.

What is meant by meditation of silence is that the mind should be stilled in a natural way and not by force. It is in this state that the mind is free from the clutches of all that second and third hand junk that is stored there. Then the mind thus freed from this junk can see clearly, the senses become heightened and true and pure knowledge is acquired. Those persons who go by the name of scientists call this knowledge as Extra Sensory Perception of by other fancy or technical sounding names. These scientists, whose brains are nothing but storehouses of technical data, are unable to see the larger picture, that is that minds and brains of such persons have opened up and are in tune with nature or the unknown. The major faults of those persons who call themselves intellectuals is that they think in fragments; hence, they fail to see the larger picture.

When I say look at examples from the past, I mean that by looking at them one can get inspired. I don’t mean follow them blindly and store your brains with their teachings; this will defeat your purpose and turn you into automatons. This is exactly what Buddha really meant when he said, “Be a Lamp unto yourself”.

What one has to remember over and over again is the root mantra, which I have given before “WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE”. Other than this all other explanations given about the universe and existence are only theories which came out of someone else’s brain, you have to learn for yourself, second and third hand knowledge from any source however reliable won’t do.

Pure knowledge is what will make mankind SURVIVE THE COMING WORLD CLIMAX and nothing else, for pure knowledge is nothing but pure energy.

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  1. Once again:I agree absolutely. We must all start from the beginning and discover the truth for ourselves.

  2. A Simple but a profound truth...the journey is inner..... Dr Nahela Bernal Dutta


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