Now we come to probably one of the most important topics regarding GOVERNANCE IN THE COMING WORLD CLIMAX., and that is of Education. It is Education which more than anything else moulds our personalities, our thinking and how we react to the outer world. We as individuals can be compared to Islands, a unique self existing entity, which sees, hears, feels, tastes and hears everything through the senses.

These senses are like outlets for what is stored in our brain, and so one has to be careful what one stores in ones brain. The Education which is prevalent in today’s times is what was stored in someone else’s mind and thus handed over to future generations. This process has been going on and on since time immemorial.This is the primary why most people become automatons. The brain then gets into some sort of program,stops expanding and becomes stationary, This is true of the over whelming majority of the world population, those who have managed to get out even slightly out of this program are called geniuses.

The key to genuine knowledge is discovering for yourself with an open mind free from bias, of course the basic knowledge of reading, writing, language and the universe around us has to be imparted to children as it is. By as it is I mean free from theories and probabilities, when theories and probabilities are put forward to children they become reality and go down in memory as hard facts, and then they do not think beyond that, this has to change.

The morons who control Education do so mostly with an eye towards toward the bank, or with some selfish motive like ideology. In the SETTLEMENTS IN THE WORLD CLIMAX, and its aftermath, there will be plenty of opportunity for the elders in the settlements to impart true knowledge to children. As this would most probably be a fresh start, the molding of the brains of the future generations, as real generators of energy would commence. It is then that the fresh minds of children would start expanding, and new solutions would come in place of the old ones. There is nothing which the mind cannot grasp and change.

Knowledge is energy; true knowledge in the pure form is pure energy.Hence it should always be kept in mind that you do not pollute the minds of children with an energy of low frequency,for what you have acquired over the years is second hand energy,try not to pollute the minds of others with it. The mind is such an instrument that its natural nature is to expand and grow, it cannot be enslaved, when enslaved it stagnates and mutates and becomes morbid. This is true of our current system of Education.

These factors should be kept in mind by the pioneers or the founders of these settlements in the COMING WORLD CLIMAX, and such a culture of Education should be firmly in place, all the current problems which plague us would then cease to exist, and a happy and peaceful atmosphere would prevail in these settlements and then spread every where.

Appeal from Bloggers Unite for Haiti
The citizens of Haiti are currently dealing with devastation and suffering that few of us can even imagine. Tuesday's earthquake has reduced large parts of the country's capitol, Port Au Prince, to rubble and devastated their already poor infrastructure making the task of delivering aid extremely difficult.

Official estimates from the region say that approximately 3 million people have been affected by this disaster and that somewhere between 45,000 to 50,000 people are may have died as a result of the earthquake.

Doctors without Borders are one of the organizations in the best position to provide critical medical care to those affected by this disaster. Please follow this link to make your donations or follow this event and learn how you can help

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  1. I'm a blogger like you are and i am doing all things in my care to publicize the problems the Haitians are passing through to the world and how we can join hand to solve it.

  2. Interesting. Concerning your views on education I recently said something very similar in a forum discussion. I quote: "A lot of so-called education is really nothing but brainwashing. I think the best education is to study yourself, to learn from your own experience."

  3. when The popular comment layout is common, so it is easily recognized scanning to post a comment. If the comment section is in a different format, then I am going to spend more time trying to decipher what everything means.

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