Now the question arises how to build your bases or settlements during the COMING WORLD CLIMAX, there is no option these settlements have to be built sooner or later if one has to SURVIVE THE COMING WORLD CLIMAX. I have put herein below some points, which are worth consideration, these can be modified as per the demands of the situation.

1. The most important thing is for the place to be in an area, which is free from pollution. It is what we breath that gives us life. The most important ingredient for survival is fresh and clean air. This will ensure that the people living in these places will have a healthy mind and body free from diseases, there will be no need to practice complicated yogic or meditation exercises.

2. These settlements should be situated near a supply of sufficient clean fresh water, as water is the ingredient next only to the air that we breath in, responsible for our survival. This water supply should not be in any connected to that supply of water, which is likely to get contaminated, during the coming world climax or its aftermath.

3. The next most important thing for survival is food. Now for these trees should be planted, not only those that bear fruits, but also those which will ensure a supply of wood. There should be sufficient plantation of vegetables and food grains. The vegetables of grains should be of the natural or country variety, and not of the genetically modified type, created solely to give larger vegetables or food grains. What we eat is what creates our physical and mental bodies. Hence, we should be careful what we eat. If one starts, eating clean and unmodified food then one can reverse the process of mutation which has set in our natural evolution. There is also no need to keep livestock with the sole intention of slaughtering them for food. Livestock can be kept for purposes like acquiring milk and related products.

4. The next thing in terms of importance is shelter. The shelter that is homes have to be built keeping in mind the surroundings. The homes should have sufficient space for every member of the family, so as not to intrude on each other’s privacy. These should be Eco friendly homes, and all members of the settlement should try to build homes of similar sizes, keeping in mind the number of members of each family. Unnecessary extravagance will lead to unhealthy competition.

5. The next thing is clothing; some sort of basic structure should be in place for the making of cloth, solely for the purpose for covering and protecting your body. This cloth should be of the natural variety. And not the synthetic or artificial kind. Animal skins should be avoided.

These are the basic things required for survival, one can easily survive can sort of calamities if these things are securely in place. The building of such settlements also brings with it other problems like governance, religion, eduction, security etc. In my future posts I will try to answer these questions.


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