Somnambulism has been rightly described as temporary insanity. The senses of the subject are affected in such a way that he is likely to experience imaginary objects as real. It is a kind of hallucination. In hallucination, an image formed by the subject becomes reality for him. In a normal and waking state, one can conjure or invoke past memories, scenes and images of an absent freeing or relative. The intensity and ease with which these images are formed indicate the person’s fitness as a subject for INDUCED SOMNAMBULISM.

According to Dr.Modi, there are three stages generally distinguished in somnambulism.
1. That in which the subject speaks.
2. That in which he makes all sorts of movements, but does not leave his bed or chair.
3. That in which he gets up and performs the most complicated actions.

Dr. Modi says, ‘In my experience the first two states are found in persons of sanguine temperament who are decidedly not in a pathological condition. It is not yet finally decided whether the third state appears under pathological conditions only. From my own experience, I am inclined to think that it is occasionally observed when there is no constitutional weakness in children. If we want to show these states, we can do it specially with the healthiest subjects''

The subject in somnambulism does not become automation, as he does in cataleptic state. He preserves his tastes, likes and dislikes; he remains an individual with all his peculiarities. The will power is not changed, and the imposition of another's will does not happen. And as such, he is likely to oppose and resist certain kinds of suggestions.

To quote Chambord '' Even in active somnambulism, the physical faculties are not destroyed; the somnambulistic subject also resists certain suggestions, and he refuses to perform certain acts; he reflects before answering certain questions, and carries on individual intellectual work. Moreover, acts, illusions, and post hypnotic hallucinations commanded during hypnosis are carried out when the subject wakes, when the consciousness and the facilities of coordination have resumed their control. Finally the manifestations of these same phenomenon in walking condition in a subject compos Sui and astonished that he cannot struggle against the automation which dominates him, shows clearly that consciousness and will may survive all degrees of hypnotism’’

Thus from all observations, and descriptions of the phenomenon. We may deduce the fact, that active somnambulism implies the most profound influence, the most advanced degree of hypnotism, and the most widely separated from the walking state.

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