Yantra to Secure Home from Calamities

A Yantra to secure a home from all kinds of calamities and dangers, including paranormal ones is given in this post. This Indian Protective talisman is believed to ward and deflect calamities from entering and harming the home. The procedure for preparing and using this Yantra is given below in this post.

The practitioner has to make the same Yantra, which I have given in the image provided on four separate pieces of Bhojpatra. The Yantra has to be written on all the four pieces of Bhojpatra with the paste of Gorochana and Kumkum [Red Vermilion] or Kumkum and Kesar [Saffron]. A pointed wooden stick can be used to write the Yantras.

After doing this step, the practitioner should worship the prepared Yantra with offerings of Dhoop, Deep and a Prasad of Sweets [Mithai].

Finally, the four prepared Yantras have to be buried in all the four direction surrounding the home, which are the East, West, North and South.

The Yantra is suitable for those who live in an independent bungalow or a farmhouse. Those living in apartments can follow the other protective Yantras, Charms and Talismans given on this site for similar purposes.

Yantra which acts as a Talisman to Secure Home from Calamities
Yantra to Secure Home from Calamities

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