Giving Uchchatan Yantra with Food

The Uchchatan Yantra given in this post is different from the other Yantras used for the purpose of Uchchatan.  Uchchatan, as already explained many times before, means removing an enemy or an undesirable person or a troublemaker from your life and a Yantra is one of the paranormal instruments, which trigger off this process.

The Yantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra with the juice of the Turmeric [Haldi] plant.  This means all the parts of the plant like the root, branch, leaves, flower and fruit.  A little quantity of each part is taken and then grounded to separate the juice. A pointed wooden stick should be used to write the Uchhatan Yantra on the Bhojpatra. This is an edible plant and hence not poisonous or harmful to the health of the undesirable person.

The Yantra should be drawn as shown in the image and the word फट् should be written in each of the eight stars and the name of the enemy or the undesirable person in the center.

After this, the Yantra has to be finely powdered and secretly mixed in the food or drinking water of the undesirable person. This completes the Uchchatan Yantra experiment to remove the enemy from your life.

A Hindu Spell for Enemy done by way of giving Uchchatan Yantra with Food
 Uchchatan Yantra with Food

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  1. dear guruji,
    i am hindu married to a muslim.
    i have already found two things at my home,one was a paper on which all our family members name were written on one side and my deceased grand parents name on other side, below which only my name was written.there was something written in urdu in a stretched manner which even moulana in a masjid couldnt read.since then i am facing quarrels with my parents.i had relation with my fiance(muslim)and had an abortion because my inlaws pressurized me to parents are not talking to me since last 4 years,whenever i go to their house i face a very big quarrel.all relations with my relatives are broken,and now my husband is also behaving very aloof with me and leave me alone in all situations with the baby.

    now after around 8 months of my marriage i am again facing same distrust hate beating from my muslim husband who suddenly gets angry for no reason and beats me or my baby.i believe that some thing is again kept in my house.
    can i know who did this videshan or uchatan for me,wherein an enmity is created in between me and my most loved parents and my character is demolished fully and now my relation with my husband is also almost broken and he has taken steps for divorce many a times since he has gone to his parents house twice in last year.
    i am having a very bad time guruji, my baby is also facing the pressure in all this because my husband doesnt think for me nor my baby.he doesnt even care for my health nor loves me nor he talks nor spend time with me nor my baby.
    pls help me guruji, i dont want to die nor i want my baby to get hurt and i want all my relations back by removing all this jadu and vashikaran

    1. As what you are facing is a serious crime [ Violence against women and pressurised to change religion] under the Indian Penal Code, according to my opinion it is better to file a Police Complaint and seek in writing the protection of the Police for safety of both you and your child.
      It is mandatory for the Police to take cognizance of your complaint and take action immediately.


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