Future Space World on L2 Luna - 3

By always very finely monitoring the position of a Fullball world at the Earth-Luna L2 location, they could early make fine adjustments when helpful. Ion jets might be used. There were other possibilities for very light fine adjustments. They could give a special tilt to the Solar energy collecting film disk so that the unabsorbed sunlight getting reflected away from the surface would cause some weak radiation pressure in a useful tilted wanted direction.

Or they could use special reflecting films to accomplish this. Or they could occasionally have sunlight reflected focused to superheat some asteroid matter to serve as an adequate effective small rocket.

Actually it would be safer here to have the settlement formed in a mildly elliptic mildly tilted monthly orbit. It would then usually be somewhat above or below, before or behind L2. Sounds silly? No. Very sensible. There was ample Lunar hidden space all around L2, more than half Luna's width! So if conservative religious murderous haters of genetically altered moderns might ever read any future speculation about a place for maybe several moderns kept hidden at L2, and thus suspiciously had L2 closely viewed by an orbiting telescope, the dark hidden settlement wouldn't be there to see nor to even briefly blink hidden any remote star. Or if ever foes hateful against moderns sought to blast apart anything speculated at L2, there'd be nothing quite there to hit.

By now with extra free time, (thanks to free serving robotic devices), more moderns had assisted making inventions useful to Earth humans. Some had some saved earned profits they now partly combined to pay well the investors taking care of the orbiting settlements, to have them begin having loads sent from source asteroid(s) to begin forming a secret new L2 Fullball world for moderns completely hidden behind Luna. The investors group deserved good payments to reward them for their excellent idea.

The Earth-Luna L2 point is 61,491km from Luna's center. (Luna, of radius 1,738km, is 384,393km from Earth.) Communications cubes sent to the Earth-Luna L4 & L5 Lagrangian points, 60deg before and after Luna in its orbit, could communicate with anything out behind Luna if up there at 15.5% of Luna's radius, (merely .45% of L2's altitude).

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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