Jesus Christ is frequently called a fraud by a lot of persons who ridicule the stories of his virgin birth or Resurrection and Ascension there is merit in such arguments only because such events have never ever been witnessed nor recorded by authentic sources in the history of mankind, the existence of Christianity hinges around these three supernatural events namely Virgin birth, Resurrection and Ascension. Let me tell that going into the merits of these three events is not necessary even if these supernatural events are not true they do not take away anything from the deeds of Jesus Christ.

There will be always be people who will say what’s so great about Jesus calling God his heavenly father and that he was the son of God every living being in existence including a cat is the son of God, this also has merit in it but please keep in mind that everyone and a cat did not have the kind of impact on the history of mankind like Jesus Christ had so what is that Jesus possessed that everyone did not that made him special and different from everybody he was completely merged into the universal energy of God.

Chain Reaction Artwork Image
Chain Reaction Art
Jesus had practiced some form of the MEDITATION OF SILENCE which is the only way to experience the unknown or the infinite universal energy, Jesus after practicing the meditation of silence in the most natural way had THE CROWN CHAKRA OPENED which is the channel when opened automatically merges ones existence into the infinite or God and one experiences the greatest possible event in ones evolution and learns THE TRUTH OF ENLIGHTENMENT.

Jesus Christ 3D Image Artwork
Jesus Christ 3D
This is the process through which Jesus emerged as an enlightened being this can be seen from the miracles he performed in his lifetime the healing powers which he showed, there are numerous such examples even if some of them are not true this ability proves that Jesus was indeed an enlightened being had he not been so he would never have gained the following which he did in his lifetime.

Now there are two types of enlightened beings one kind is that of Mahatma Gandhi who are of the Dynamic type which means they set a target which they intend to achieve and which they do in the end. The other type is the of the passive kind of enlightened being of which Jesus was one he was completely merged into the universal energy which in turn made him into a trigger to set off a chain of events which set into motion the evolutionary changes which the universal energy wished to trigger. There is no proof required to ascertain this only way to know this is to study the change brought about by Jesus in our history or the chain reaction he triggered of which changed the course of history.

According to the scripture Matthew 27, these words were attributed to Jesus “From the sixth hour until the ninth hour darkness came over all the land. About the ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" ["Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" in King James Version Bible] -- Which means, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:45-46, NIV)

God had not forsaken Jesus he was using Jesus to set off a chain reaction because everything in this universe is interconnected and part of the same whole any unit which changes its natural course like Jesus did effects the other units the units that change course are the tools, which bring evolutionary changes.

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  1. ISIAIh 41 BRING forth your IDOLS did they PREACH to you see they can’t speak they can’t DO ANYTHING all they do is cause confusion. spalms 115 and spalms 135 thier IDOLS are FALSE cant speak can't hear cant smell and those that make them shall become like them. Jeremiah 10 they nail their IDOL down like a scarecrow it can’t move can'...t speak can’t move must be carried these are nothing but the WORK of CON men.john 10 jesus christ sais his sheep hear his voice and another voice thy will not follow and if another person tries to preach to them they WILL FLEE from him. jeremiah 5 the priests bear rule on their own authority what will you do when your judged my word is not inside them. Now here is the kicker john 5 son of man voice goes back in time mathew 16 jesus christ claims to be the son of man.‎1 cor2 mind of CHRIST preached internally and john 16 sais the spirit of truth comes in the future. Ezekiel 13 lying prophets of ISRAEL my word is not inside them saying god sais god sais god sais wrote hoping mankind would CONFIRM their WORDS. all of this is EASILY verifiable.


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