The entire universe which is one whole energy is sub divided into three main energy streams, I have spoken about this in THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, about how the three forces CREATIVE, PROTECTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE, that is BRAHMA, VISHNU and MAHESH govern the entire universe, now I am going to talk about three types of actions and how one should act in the correct fashion as only this will help one evolve. The universe is to infinite and to think about it in totality is not possible for everyone, so one should take life one step at a time and not live in the future,and stick to those actions which will help one to evolve.

The Hindu Right Actions Image in 3D
Right Actions 3D
CRETATIVE or pure action-This is the kind of action which one does in a pure frame of mind and thought without thinking about what one gets in return, the way parents look after and care for their children, the pure love between two lovers which is without expectation, the social service of saintly social workers, and other such actions keep ones memory from being polluted and hence keeps ones KARMA of the highest quality.

Natural Evolution Art Image
Natural Evolution Art
PROTECTIVE action-One can’t live in this world as it is today doing only creative or pure deeds, one has to take protective action most of the time, working or being employed for compensation, protecting ones family or nation, the intercourse between husband and wife for pleasure and other such acts are seen as protective actions, such actions do not pollute your memory to a large extent.

DESTRUCTIVE action –Rape, torture, murder, waging war and attacking others, hording when others are starving, and other such acts come in this category. Such actions heavily pollute ones memory and this leads to mental instability and disease.

Ones actions and the reactions are what is stored in ones memory, and the wrong types of memory reactions are the ones which lead to mutations in the thought process, this has a chain reaction on your natural evolution process, and it is the law of nature that one has to correct these mutations in order to evolve, that means one has to keep taking numerous births sometimes even as animals in order to bring back the evolution process to its natural course.

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