The last few years have witnessed an unprecedented organized and meticulously planned campaign launched by the enemies of Hinduism to destroy Hinduism. The goal of these persons is to infiltrate and enslave the minds of the new generations of Hindus. Emboldened by the success, which they have gained by mutating the minds of the SECULAR HINDUS, these forces have now launched an all out attempt of an even greater magnitude in the past few months.

The change is there for the whole world to see. Hindus are now slowly but steadily being indoctrinated to believe that the true meaning of secularism is to be ruled by non-Hindus in not only politics but also all walks of life. This is the right step ahead in the 21st Century is what seems to be the mantra of these forces.

The intimidating message is that if you say anything in praise of Hinduism, or try to defend it, this will amount to fundamentalism and communalism. You are also told time and again that it is but natural for other religions like Islam and Christianity to publicly follow their religious customs and traditions over and above the interests of the country, but if you utter anything about Hinduism, you are destroying the national fabric and are a threat to national integrity.

Please note that I am neither a member of the Right Wing parties nor trying to defend them, a most disturbing trend which I have seen is the way the media has been castrated. In the two recent incidents in Mumbai involving Rahul Gandhi and his follower Sharukh Khan and the Shiv Sena,almost all the news channels were showing the same headlines ‘’Rahul is the king of Mumbai’’,Sharukh is the King of Mumbai’’. It was as if the headlines were being dictated to them and also what to show and report.

The castrated media played their part to the hilt; they acted as the mouthpiece of Rahul Gandhi. Every now and then, we had discussions on these channels featuring a few enslaved intellectuals and media persons all of them sitting on judgment and misleading the public to the real facts. The common thread in these discussions over a period of almost 4 days of coverage involving both the incidents was that there was not a single note of disagreement on all of these channels. The fact that the constitutional right of protesting by waving black flags was blatantly suppressed that to for a person who did not hold any constitutional post was ignored by everyone. In the end all of them sounded like hijras [eunuchs] lifting their saris and clapping Rahul, Rahul, Sharukh, Sharukh.

These incidents makes one think IS INDIA HEADING TOWARDS ANOTHER EMERGENCY, such incidents are now noticeably on the rise. The message is clear this exercise is aimed at completely eradicating the feelings of pride and love which most Hindus feel for their religion. These enemies of Hinduism have managed to divide Hindus on basis of caste, creed and regionalism, and have thrived on it like parasites and now are going for that final push when India will finally be subject to being directly ruled by complete aliens and not the usual Shikandi's.

The first target was obliviously the media, whose pathetic state is most visible. Along with the media the mental enslavement of Generation Next has began and a lot of success has already been achieved.

What these forces and their Shikandi’s should remember is that Hinduism is not a religion, it has no beginning and what has no beginning has no end. Hinduism has no founder and is not a man made religion like their own. No one can destroy Hinduism; the Shikandi’s will destroy themselves. The need of the hour is for brave and fearless new voices to be heard again from the media.

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