Frigidity is a major emotional sex problem. It might have been caused because of some sexual violence like rape; molestation etc.These shocking experiences are the major cause of turning a woman against anything sexual. Many a times a woman might have been taught to think of sex as dirty, low and ignoble, such feelings would have been implanted deeply in her subconscious mind, and then carried over to her married life.

A woman’s feeling of emotional security in a sexual act is a key factor in satisfactory adjustment and harmony. It is natural that the woman takes longer in developing the feeling of this emotional security. Sexual experience, if indulged in, as an expression of love and tenderness towards the woman can be soul stirring.

A newly married man can integrate his skills, emotions, sex desire and considerateness into an ardent love for the wife to help her rise to the occasion.Sex differences on the level of thinking, are not so much inborn, as they are a product of society.

Other than the violent experiences, sometimes a woman may turn frigid because of her husband’s unskilled, unwise, and hasty and one-sided indulgence in the initial sexual union. This might be due to the union having begun without proper preliminaries, without the arousal of the woman, without her consent and naturally without her participation. Such a sexual act is tantamount to rape. Sex prejudices, faulty sex education, inhibitions, fears, false culture and religious values, acquired earlier, also contribute to frigidity.

If frigidity is not by birth, it can be cured with the help of a psychiatrist or a hypnotist, HYPNOSIS AND HAPPY MARRIED LIFE go hand in hand. The husband can also help in bringing the woman back on the rails of normal sexual behavior by gentle persuasion, considerateness and the implantation of positive and right sexual suggestions, as THE POWER OF SUGGESTION in hypnosis is well known.

A woman should be given short hypnotic sessions. During these sessions, it should be implanted into her subconscious mind that she is not frigid, that sexual union between husband and wife is a natural act, essential and that you are fully capable of enjoying it. That an urge and drive for sexual intercourse in woman is a perfectly healthy sign. That sexual intercourse is mutually satisfying and a sign of deep and abiding conjugal love and happiness.

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