Alcoholism can be cured in the deeper stages of induced  Somnambulism, as this is the stage where the best results can be achieved. When the habit has been well rooted, and of a long duration, the deep somnambulistic stage is what is really needed. The deeper the sleep, the better the rapport and control over the subject.

In curing Alcoholism, any method can be adopted. All methods if followed properly lead to the same goal. There are various paths but they converge on the same center, as the underlying principle is the same.

You can commence the session by making the subject sit comfortably on a chair or a sofa. Please ensure that he is able to maintain this position of comfort throughout the session of hypnosis. Ensure that there is no noise or any other kind of disturbing influence.

Thereafter you can ask the subject to relax completely and to hold the mind blank as far as possible. Hold up your index and middle finger together above the line of his sight, in such a way that the subject’s eyes are fully wide open. The light coming from the rear of the subject should precisely fall on your two fingers.

Tell the subject to gaze fixedly at your two fingers. Having thus secured his concentration watch out for other symptoms and then you will see the pupils somewhat dilated, the eyelids quivering and the face expressionless. These are the changes which mark the beginning of the session of hypnosis

It is now time to suggest sleep. Start saying “you are drowsy, your eyelids are sticking, and they have stuck. Now you are sinking and cannot open your eyes. Sleep now gently and quietly” You must repeat these words in a MAGNETIC VOICE. These words which I have used are for your guidance only; you can develop your own words and method in which you are most comfortable in.

Now the subject is asleep to the outside world except to you, his mind is tuned precisely to yours. He has gone to sleep with his mind fully absorbed with the thinking that you alone can direct and control his activities, you have established full rapport with him. You have secured his confidence. The subject knows fully well and believes that what you are doing is solely for his well-being. He believes that you want to cure him of Alcoholism. That you are his great friend, well-wisher and benefactor.

The hypnosis you have obtained will most probably be of the light type, because it is the first time your subject has undergone this experience. Please remember that with every subsequent session the subject will automatically sink into deeper and deeper stages of somnambulism. The suggestions which you make will affect him in proportion of the depth and quality of the sleep which you have obtained.

Having thus induced the deep sleep now begin by saying “Listen to me. Get rid of your dirty drinking habit, see haw it has spoilt your radiant health. Remember when you wake up you will not drink or taste any wine or liquor for one full week. And then come to see me, avoid those people who drink” Always address the subject by name. Please remember that these words are for your guidance only, you can use your own words, depending on the situation.

Follow the gradual treatment method. You have suggested to your subject to abstain for a week. When he comes to see you, again you can suggest a longer period, and keep on increasing it till he is fully cured. The gradual withdrawal method and post-hypnotic suggestions help a lot in overcoming Alcoholism.

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