Barack Obama has now completed more than one year in office. When he first appeared on the international scene almost the entire world connected with him, especially people from the developing and poor nations. Everyone thought here is a guy from an entirely different background, different from the stereotype of the usual all American presidents, hope he does something different. Now after completing more than one year in office it appears most people are disappointed with the results.

I have maintained all along that Barack Obama is destined for greater things and written about it in my post BARACK OBAMA MAN OF FATE. It is time now that Barack Obama finally realizes this and acts more according to his conscience than the pulls and pressures of his office.

Obama as I have already said before will get elected for a second term in office, but it is high time that he wakes up to reality and starts acting, the two main areas of focus will most certainly be the Economic downturn and the international situation more specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Economic downturn has been arrested not because of any spectacular growth, but due to the intervention of the American and other governments, and the massive bailout packages, which is the public money. This was only a temporary measure and the economy should have been left to travel it natural course. The financial, auto and the real estate markets, which are the major cause of worry, are over developed in not only the U.S.A. but also the world over.

This bailout package has also given a lease of life to the economies in other countries, these economies are vastly over valued and overpriced, and the only ones who are adversely affected by this artificial growth is the common man. Obama should not try to interfere with these business giants facing their natural death, trying to save them will only give them a short lease of life.

The international terrorism scene is a major worry for Obama, but a far greater worry should be nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable countries. The most unstable of course is Pakistan. It is the only country, which speaks of nuclear war and nuclear flash points. It is not the fundamentalists but the Pakistani diplomats and academic experts who at synchronized regular intervals make these announcements mostly as veiled threats or disguised as research during the course of academic lectures.

Some soft measures have been take by U.S.administrations, including the Obama administration, with no success .The time for taking quick, hard and pro active measures has been long overdue. The argument given by the successive Pakistani governments, which are nothing but proxies for the military, is the artificial threat of the nuclear weapons falling into the hands of the terrorists.

This is another well-planned physiological ploy by the Pakistani military to generate fear. The time has come for Obama to call their bluff, seize their crown jewels, and destroy the nuclear plants. This action is inevitable and will happen sooner or later, the sooner it happens the better for everyone.

With the castration of Pakistan, most terrorism problem including those in Afghanistan and Iraq will solve themselves. Pakistan with its nuclear weapons is the motivating factor for the terrorist organizations; with Pakistan castrated, these organizations will become demoralized and try to make peace. So also will other countries like Iran and North Korea try to find a way out by reaching some sort of compromise.

These are the two major inherited problems, which Obama has to overcome, sooner or later, the sooner he does it the better for him.

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