There is a lot of talk about the magic of the Nehru/Gandhi family which rules India. Their mass appeal, charm, how they were the past, the present and are the future of India. The so called intellectuals and the new self styled flag bearers of Indian democracy the media, are seen day in and day out falling over each other to be in their good books by licking their boots and running down mercilessly anyone who says something against them. The castration of the media appears to be total.

This is an organized campaign to brainwash the Indian public, especially the younger generation into believing that India is lost without these benevolent Gods. These campaigns has accelerated tremendously over the past few months and are gaining in momentum, and now even the slightest hint of criticism it not tolerated, one sees an army of these intellectuals and media persons ambushing those who dare to differ. It appears that we are approaching what appears to be period much more severe than the emergency of 1975.

After Jawaharlal Nehru grabbed power in 1947, then through the India Gandhi rule, Rajiv Gandhi rule and now the Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi/Priyanka Vadra regime, a vast circle has formed around these power centers. It is often said that the circle gets its strength from the centre; this is not true it is the other way round it is THE CIRCLE WHICH GIVES STRENGHT TO THE CENTRE.

The fourth generations of the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty are only Gandhi in name, Sonia is an Italian and the two children connected to India and Indian culture probably by satellite. None of them have ever done anything for India, except enjoying all the perks of royal life at the cost of the country, on a scale which the emperors of the past only dreamt of. The way these persons are being presented as saviors of the nation by media and the intellectuals is a bad and sick joke being played on a country where the per capita income is $1032, ranked 139Th in the world, in spite of being the 12Th largest economy in the world and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity, where 22% of the citizens live below the poverty line.

Now coming back to the circle around the centre, this circle has been formed over a long period of time beginning with the Jawaharlal Nehru regime, a large percentage of the members of this circle are second, third and fourth generation retainers like the courtiers of the past, these associations go long. It was the present President of India who managed Indira Gandhi’s kitchen when Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash in 1980.

What is really disturbing is the influx of new courtiers, dressed in designer’s suits, drunk with the arrogance of power going all out to project Rahul Gandhi as some sort of messiah, savior, or God’s gift to the nation. The way these people are going about it by putting fear and dread in the minds of the already castrated media is indeed alarming. To be fair to Sonia/Rahul and Priyanka they have done nothing either good or harmful for the nation. It is absolutely zero so why is this crescendo building up.

Without going into to the merits of the case recently workers of the Shiv Sena a recognized political party, were arrested en mass and prevented from exercising their democratic rights of waving black flags at Rahul Gandhi the entire state machinery was blatantly misused for the benefit of Rahul Gandhi who has no constitutional post. After that again the entire state machinery was misused to release a film My name is Khan starring Sharukh Khan a member of the circle, again the protesters were arrested and thrashed. While all this was going on the media was acting as cheerleaders for Rahul Gandhi.

All this points toward a disturbing state of affairs, the new generation of courtiers are far more aggressive than those of the past, we are most probably in the midst of an undeclared emergency.

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  1. It is not a question of if , it is a question of when ?

    Democracy is really the boon and bane of our society.

    Good post.


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