Baba Ramdev movement - what next

“Vinash kale viprit Buddhi” or when the end is near your mind becomes corrupted is what most aptly describes the Indian governments decision to crack down on the peaceful agitation launched by Baba Ramdev .Ramdev was arrested in a violent manner by the Police, and his supporters were tear gassed brutally. All this happened after midnight while the agitators against looting and Corruption in India were sleeping peacefully.

While the public were being fooled by the representatives of the government that a resolution was reached, the government was all the while planning this brutal step. Or for that matter were they? Doesn’t appear that way, most probably they are receiving orders on an hourly by their controllers “New World Order Controlling India “.

Probably the government was also kept in the dark. They were told to hold talks and reach an understanding, and then at the last moment orders to arrest Ramdev were issued. The Media and the intelligentsia know this, that is who controls and directs the Manmohan Singh Government. Yet the silence they maintain over this is unbearable. Is the Media being blackmailed and told what to report, and what not to? Or where to draw the line.

The controlling Illuminati are as a last measure planning to impose a EMERGENCY,similar to the one imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975.She did it to protect her interests, now the mutation of the dynasty her father Jawaharlal Nehru started will try to protect theirs.

All in all this is a most crucial period of time for India, not only politically but socially. This period promises large scale unrest and strife as the old order is challenged. By the old order I mean the less than 1% of the population, which the world thinks of as India. This is the handful of big money corporates, the handful of politicians and the parasites who feed on them. These parasites take pride in calling themselves the establishment.

Now what next is the question on everyone’s lips? Nothing can be ruled out, anything and everything is a probability. What is most certain is that we are in the middle of a period of strife. Even a revolution in India is not ruled out.

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  1. i am stiil in a shock that congress government is behaving in a barbic manner. we are not allowed to show our griveinses in a peaceful way. we are suffering in every sphere of our life. i am a young man who is dreaming about better india but these kind of acts really pierce me from inside.
    this act shows that congress government is really not interested in bringing the black money as they had ruled india more than 50 years of total 60 years of our independence. i just want to point out that if congress ruled us for more than 50 years so many of congress polotician are having black money outside india. i urge the people of india to stand together to solve the prolem of corruption. these politician are making false allegation but firstly they must look inside temself and take action against the persons who are involved in corruption in their own party. the government took police action in the mid night as if ram dev is a bin laden. government should take these kind of illegal action againt pakisthan not our own citizen. i am not saying to stand against the one person what i am really saying to take stand against the corruption so that these corrupt politician can be evicted from our society.


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