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Nostradamus-prediction of revolution in India

This Nostradamus Quatrain has been popularly referred to as the description of the French Revolution. It has been taken for granted and been seen as a fulfilled prophecy of Nostradamus.If one has a close look at the Prophecies  of Nostradamus,and more specifically those relating to France, then one will notice these prophecies are filled with landmarks.Not only the geography, but even proper names are mentioned.

This Quatrain here I am certain does not relate to France. In fact am sure that it relates to India. This Quatrain relates to the Prophecies about India and also to those Indian Prophecies  which are certain to be fulfilled in the near future. NOSTRADAMUS ON THE FUTURE OF  INDIA has been quite precise.

Century I-Quatrain 3
Quand la litiere du tourbillon verѓee,
Et ѓeront faces de leurs manteaux couvers,
La republique par gens nouveaux vexйe,
Lors blancs & rouges iugeront а l'enuers.
When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind and faces are covered by cloaks, the new republic will be troubled by its people. At this time the oranges and the whites will rule wrongly.
In this specific Quatrain the “new republic described is India, which happens to be a republic. The phrase “ litters being overturned “ is a reference to the corruption scandals of an unimaginable magnitude which are surfacing almost at regular intervals.,as they have  long crossed the point where they can remained hidden When I had written about the extent of the corruption in India, just over a year back people thought I was exaggerating.

The phrase “ orange and white “ refers to the Gandhi Topi of the Indian National Congress, which is referred to as white. The “ orange “ is the principle opposition party the Bharatiya Janata Party, described commonly as a saffron [ orange] party. One has seen how these two have ruled India, the results are so obvious that one need not waste time listing their misdeeds.

The Quatrain given below is a related one, which is also commonly described as a description of the French Revolution. This is a description of the desperate shouts by the enslaved population of India for at least some sort of governance. This will not come as the Politicians have over a period of time become brazen and nothing fazes them. Some serious revelations will see a lot of rulers behind bars and the government will appear to be headless as a new form of governance emerges.

Century I-Quatrain 14
De gens esclaue, chansons, chants & requestes
Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons
.A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,
Seront receus par diuins oraisons.
From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands, while Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons. These will in the future by headless idiots be received as divine prayers


  1. Although i do not want to belive it but nostradamaus is right recent revolutions against corruptions based on gandhian ideoligies are coming true

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  3. While the interpretation of 'republique' makes sense as France was not a Republic then, 'Rouge' means 'Red' so it cannot mean saffron.(Orange in French is orange pronounced as oraanj) However, it could refer to the Maoists or maybe the left.

  4. India soon may or may not be ruled by idiots....

  5. Very difficult to say what he really had in mind as nothing is clearly written by him.


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