Government strategy against Ramdev and Hazare

The latest on Yoga and Spiritual Guru Baba Ramdev in his war against corruption and looting in India is the call given by him to start an armed rebellion.Baba Ramdev has stated that he will initially start a militia comprising of 11,000 well trained and armed men.

Ramdev has been continuously bombarded with allegations, abuses and threats in his fight against New World Order.Their strategy against him and Anna Hazare is simple-

Brand them as right wing fanatics associated with the RSS and other Hindu organizations.
Find hidden meanings into statements made by them.
Accuse them of financial irregularities, criminal associations.
Propaganda through a large section of the enslaved/coerced media. Large sections of the media were coerced into not telecasting the fast held by Anna Hazare.
Prop up their opponents/rivals to discredit them by way of allegations/litigation's.
Corner these persons so much that they have no time for anything else but to defend them.
Manipulate mass demonstrations against them, so that the Government can investigate them and probably arrest them.
Forgery of documents is not ruled out.
Target their families, relatives, associates and friends.
Charge them of sedition and treason

The looters controlled by the New World Order controlling India, on the orders of their owners not spare any effort to finish off those who try to oppose them. As I have said in my last post that Ramdev and Hazare are nothing but the manifestations of the public anger against the looters.

If Ramdev manages to start a militia to protect himself against the onslaught of the looters it will not be a new chapter in the history of India as many will like you to believe. There is already the Naxal movement with thousands of armed cadre.

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  1. ''Vinaashakaale vipareethabudhi'. This Sanskrit saying means that at a period of (self)destruction one's intelligence will work in the wrong direction. Baba Ramdev is beyond doubt a man of wisdom. But, due to reasons known only to him the control of mind which is the product of yoga he has been preaching and practicing through all these years, seems eluded him. He seems to have forgotten the lesions of patience and Raga-Dweshas. Now he is led by personal vendetta and hunger for fame. These all are quite contrary to the basics of the ancient science namely Pathanjali Marg he has been conveying to us. Out of sheer anger people lose their common sense. What an erratic idea is that to form an army of his own to fight against the national evils! This is what the Naxalites and other extremists do. Babaji's army will not withstand the troops a few minutes. The ultimate result will be blood-shed and catastrophe, and thereby the focus of the world's attention will get shifted away from the real agonies the nation faces in the form of corruption, black money, terrorism, black marketing, illiteracy, misgoverning, and what not. So, Babaji should make a rethinking so that he can stop the present one man show, and join the move led by Anna Hasare for saving the hapless millions of poor people of India.

  2.,inJune 20, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Evil seems to winning everywhere.There is no place to hide..


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