Removing the Evil Eye

Traditional Hindu teachings, including the Tantrik and Spiritual practices have recognized the power of the Human gaze. When totally immersed in any one particular thought or sensation, the human gaze is known to display extra ordinary powers. It is normally the eye through which these vibrations, either positive or negative flow. These vibrations are known to affect the end objective of these thoughts.

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Evil Eye

Very often one hears someone saying that he has been affected by an ‘evil eye’. This ‘evil eye’ is nothing but the negative and harmful vibrations or energy of someone which have entered his Aura. Lots of Protection Mantras and Yantras are available to remove the evil energies from ones being. There are also some traditional methods which are said to remove these energies. Here are some of these.

On a Saturday or a Sunday take some milk and rotate that milk 7 times over the head of the affected person. Then give that milk to a black dog to drink.

Take either a broom or a slipper or sandal and rotate it in a circular way over the body of the affected person taking the name of the suspected person. After this take the broom or slipper in your hand and bang it hard on the floor 21 times.

Take a piece of Turti [Alum] and rotate it 21 times over the body of the affected person. After doing this take that piece of Turti and go to a street corner and throw it in the southern direction

Take some Mohari [mustard seeds], Lasun [Garlic petals], Onion skins, Salt and dried red Chili. Put these ingredients in a utensil and put the utensil on a flame for a minute or so. Then take these burnt ingredients in your hand and rotate them in a circular fashion over the body of the affected person. After that throw them out of your house.

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  1. I rotated anti clock wise also will there be any problem In salt process, please replt


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