Secret Mantra of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce the renowned American psychic whose Prophecies are amongst the most widely read of all Prophecies was throughout his life a devote practicing Christian. The only type of meditation which he is known to have practiced is the chanting of a particular word "Arrr--eee-oommm". None of his associates or friends probably understood this; it could be because he meant it that way. He wanted it to be a secret.

The Secret Hari Om Mantra of Edgar Cayce
Hari Om Mantra of Edgar Cayce
This is nothing but Hari Om [हरी ॐ], which is a common Hindu Mantra. The pronunciation is exactly how an American would recite this mantra. Hari Om or "Arrr--eee-oommm". as Edgar Cayce recited this mantra means Hari or Vishnu is the only truth. Hari Om is the short form of the mantra Hari Om Tat Sat [हरी ॐ तत सत] , which means Om the Universal Vibration is the one and only Absolute truth and Hari or Vishnu the Supreme Ever Existent and Om the Universal Vibration are one and the same.

This mantra was the trigger to the trance like state reached by Edgar Cayce. The trance like state was an unintentional state of Non Duality. Probably Edgar Cayce also never realized that he was in the Non-Dual state. It is in this state where the observer and the observed become one, where one becomes all and all becomes one. In is only when one reaches this elusive state that extra sensory achievements like prophecy are possible. In most cases, the subject does not realize that he has reached this state.

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