Navnath Trishul Mantra

This is the Shaabri Navnath Trishul Mantra. The Trishul is the weapon of Shiva, it is a three speared weapon mounted on a rod. The deeper significance of the Trishul is that it is said to represent the three THE THREE FORCES OF GOD or the three aspects of creation – Creation, Protection and Destruction.

The mantra describes the three spears as Omkar - the Ever-Existent.The Anahat – the Universal Vibration and Amrut - the Divine Nectar of Liberation with the Ever-Existent as the third spear.

The Trishul was also the symbol of the nine saints and Masters the Navnath.

Navnath Trishul Mantra 3D Image
Navnath Trishul Mantra

Navnath Trishul Mantra
Om namoji adesh guruji ko, om dharti so akash laya sidha nivas omkar pahali dhar anahat bani duji dhar,amrut bani ,teesri dhar allakh nirvana,sidha sadakh ne trishul dhariya,loha trishul jogi nirvana aasan pavitra trishul pavitra kahe macchindra sun vaa gorakh trishul sada rakhiyo paas kaal kantak nahi aave trishul mantra sampurna bhaya adesh ll

नवनाथ त्रिशुल मंत्र
ॐ नमोजी आदेश गुरूजी को , ॐ धर्ती सो आकाश लाया सिद्ध निवास ॐ कार पहली धार अनाहत बनी दुजी धार, अमृत बनी , तीसरी धार अल्लाख निर्वाण , सिद्ध साधक ने त्रिशुल धरिया , लोहा त्रिशुल जोगी निर्वाण आसन पवित्र त्रिशुल पवित्र कहे मच्छिंद्र सुन वा गोरख त्रिशुल सदा राखीयो पास काल कंटक नही आवे त्रिशुल मंत्र संपूर्ण भया आदेश ll

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  1. well do you have some more divyastra mantras.

  2. Guru Ji Pranam!!!
    How can we use the Trishul Mantra and when / in what cases should be it used. what are the procedures and other requirements for its uses?

  3. Sir, the post does not mentions
    1) as to how many chants should be done daily as in Shabar mantras, you have explained 1 chant for some mantra , 11 chants for some other mantras

    2 ) timing of recitation

    3) type(s) of benefits for this mantra has to be recited

  4. namaster to all, anybody can give a right answer.. can i hold my trishul in my hand and recite the mantra.. or whats the solution? om namah shivay


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