21 December 2012, is now less than 2 years away as I write this post. This is one of the most discussed topics on the net today. All sorts of possibilities are being predicted, and the way the world is going to end is being zeroed on. I have in the past written about my interpretation of 21 December 2012 in NOSTRADAMUS NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012.

I am confident and 100% sure that the world is not going to end on 21 December 2012, and humanity is not going to be destroyed. However a change is taking place in the unending cycle of human evolution, this cycle has already started at the time of the beginning of the First World War, there were numerous triggers which commenced when the industrial revolution started. What we are witnessing is a continuation of that chain reaction.

One has to look for answers to the unending cycle of evolution, not in the Mayan Calendar but in the ancient Hindu theory of creation, the wise men that discovered this are unknown, but what they discovered thousands of years back in time is the real truth behind the way infinity or God governs not only the earth but the entire universe.

The entire universe or infinity is governed by THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, the creative, protective and destructive whom the Hindus know as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. These three forces make the whole which we can call infinity or God. Infinity is impersonal and it acts through these forces. One of the main functions of these forces is to keep the balance in the universe intact, and any friction caused due to imbalance between these forces leads to changes in the evolutionary cycle.

Every event which takes place, how so ever insignificant it may seem is never destroyed or extinguished, but remains in the atmosphere forever. A creative event adds to the strength of the creative force or Brahma, a protective event adds to the strength of the protective force or Vishnu and a destructive event adds to the strength of the destructive force or Brahma.

Everything in the universe is but a play of these three forces of god. The three forces are at all times trying to keep the balance between them intact. Any imbalance between them leads to friction and a change in the cycles of evolution takes place. What we are witnessing at the present moment is a significant increase in the strength of the destructive force or Mahesh.

In the current circumstances, the inevitable friction between the three forces has commenced and the other two forces are now trying to exert themselves. This friction will most certainly lead to severe destruction and upheavals as a new cycle in evolution commences.

21 December 2012 is not the end of the world, the date is not important as we are at the present moment in the midst of evolutionary changes. These changes will take effect soon and the world as we know it will not be the same, this is the COMING WORLD CLIMAX.

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