Mantra for indigestion

This is a unique Health Mantra for the very common problem of chronic indigestion, gas problems and acidity. These are problems connected to the stomach and normally arise after meals.

This mantra has to be recited seven times after having meals. While reciting this Mantra you should move your hand slowly over your stomach. It is said that doing this resolves the problem of acidity.

Again kindly not this has been written for information purposes only and not as a replacement for your on going treatment.

Agatya kumbh karmashch vaatuvaalak aaharnarth
Smrelamo pathya pathya kumbh ll

अगत्य: कुंभ कर्मश्र्च वातूवालक आहरणार्थ
स्मरेलमो पत्थ पत्थ कुम्भ ll

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