Moles on Nose and Cheeks of Women Meanings

In this post, I have given some important locations of Moles and Birth Marks on the Nose, Cheeks and forehead of a woman and what they signify.

Mole on the Forehead
The woman who has a Mole or a Birth Mark on her forehead, in between her eyebrows, gives a lot of love and affection from her husband, son and other family members. The family members of such a woman enjoy the happiness and the material benefits of life.

Mole on the Cheeks
The woman who has a reddish or faint white cloudy Mole or Birthmark on her Cheek, gets most things is life as per her wishes.  Such a woman is extremely shrewd, self-respecting, truthful, loving, fearless and courageous. She goes about her personal and professional life in a wise manner. She rises in life mostly due to her own efforts. She is also found of good food.

Mole on the Nose
If the Mole or Birthmark is positioned in the center of the cheek, then, apart from the above, she has no problems in fulfilling her wishes and ambitions.

The woman who a red Mole or Birthmark in front of the nose becomes the dominant person in her family after marriage.

The woman having a Mole on the tip of the nose has problems in life, money does not last long, and she has a spendthrift nature and has to work had in life.

A Black or Dark Blue Mole on the nose, indicates a woman of a quarrelsome disposition.

The woman having a Mole on the left nostril has a kitchen full of food and food grains.

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