Future Populations in Space Settlements

If new big cable lift passenger vessels for 5 future cable lifts could each be 20m x 20m by maybe 50m high, able to safely transport maybe 1,000 with their packed personal possessions, then if 10 such vessels per day for 5 cable lifts, that would total 50,000/day, over 18,000,000 each year, like .7% of USA's past population each month! That would then cost over 3 centuries if trying to transport all people off Earth as Sol keeps expanding badly hotter.

The settlements could be robotically expanded as needed to easily cover all such population growth. E.g., expansion of a Fullball world radius eventually to 50, 100, 150km (31, 62, 93mi) would allow populations of 6,500,000,000, 52,400,000,0000, 176,700,000,000, thus many billions!

But if population growth in the high orbiting settlements stayed 200/month, new from Earth, then by 2 centuries that would still total under .01% of Earth population! Most on Earth came to accept that as mildly useful, helping a bit to slightly reduce excessive population growths filling Earth nations.

Better for Earth's still growing populations should be to have the Fullball world robotically expanded again and again, with many more then being accepted to be cheaply raised by cable lift(s) to move up off Earth. This would helpfully reduce our population growth down on Earth. Or also have robotically formed one or more additional Fullball worlds ready to accept lots more using cable lift(s), at maybe just 1% of old costly air polluting big rockets.

Well before then, our past bad diseases would have kept being given nice ever better produced preventions or cures, while more good medical drugs would have kept being produced to extend healthy lives of folks to average maybe well over a century. Also Earth would likely have been reaching the limits of how big the future population could be allowed to keep growing. So having more and more now abandon Earth would usefully be good for our future.

Quite helpful for Earth's future for us all would be to exploit the newly developed ability to harvest electric energy from local average temperature heat, especially while global warming had become an increasing problem. Also instead of burning forever more fuel on Earth, much energy should be most usefully harvested from extensive Solar light converters on deserts and some wastelands, also on many building roofs, (helpfully even slightly reducing daily Solar heating of some Earth lands. These would also help by cleanly reducing burned fuel consumption of the oxygen we must keep breathable within Earth's atmosphere.)

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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