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As all the visitors and subscribers of this site already know, mantras, yantras and various Indian Tantras form the main subject matter of this site. From time to time certain articles have been published to give basic knowledge to the readers of this site, especially non-Indians about the traditions and science behind these mantras.

Given here is a selection of some of the articles published on this site. Efforts will be made to update this section as much as possible. Readers are requested to give their valuable feedback and knowledge for the betterment of this section to benefit all the readers.

Know and understand your Mantras
Basic terms associated with Mantras
What are the benefits of Mantras
Nirgun Nirakar way to chant Mantras
What to do with items used in Mantra Sadhana
How to take Mantra Diksha and Sankalp
The Importance of Lighting Diyas on Diwali
A few recommendations for devote Hindus
Three Paths of Tantra Mantra Sadhana
Use of Bhojpatra in preparing Yantras
Kinds of Kalash in Mantra Puja Vidhi
Mantras: How to love yourself
Auspicious and Inauspicious Tithis
The Auspicious Festival of Holi
Shri Gajanan Vijay - Miraculous Pothi
Navnath Bhaktisar to Solve all Problems
For Spiritual Upliftment Read Tripura Tantra
Miraculous Benefits of Swami Samarth Mantra
The use of Mantras for Spiritual Transformation
Immense Benefits of Om Meditation
Worshiping the Adi Shakti
The Worship of Radha
Kubera the Hindu God of Wealth
Meaning of Shri
Power and benefits of the Gayatri Mantra
Gudi Padwa good for Mantra Tantra
Fruits of each Chapter of Bhagavad Gita
Which Finger to be used for Applying Tilak
Om and Kaam Vasna
Importance of Shankhnaad in Hinduism
Hindu Stotras to Resolve Debts
God only Absolute in Hinduism
Meaning and Importance of Sashtang Namaskar
TantricTrick Blood Oozing out from Lime
Magicians Trick to Turn Red Kumkum Black
Gyan Mudra for Mantra Aspirants
Apan Mudra to Purify Body
Hridaya Mudra for Peaceful Heart
The Three Gunas and Mantra Siddhi
Problems in Pronouncing Mantras Correctly
Diwali 2015 Dates and Puja Timings
Best Mantras for Makar Sankranti
Importance and Benefits of Om Meditation
Eight Tests to know if Pearl is Real
Mantras and Prayers for Eclipses
Importance of Guru in Mantra Sadhanas
Unknown Fact About Shabar Mantras
On Acceptance of Donation By Gurus
Secret Procedure to Attain Siddhi over Mantras
Mantra to Get Swapna Diksha and Karma Bodh
Complete Mantra Sadhana Rules and Regulations
Sanatana Dharma Shastra, Mantra and Dharma Gyaan
Meaning of Purascharana of Mantras
Fire and Faith Needed in Mantra Sadhana
Information on Ghee Yagna and Poverty
Auspicious Timings for Mantra Sadhana
Significance of Brahmacharya in Hindu Dharma Shastra
Elaborate Information on Mantra Sadhana
Four Main Peeth of Mantra Sadhana
How to do Mantra Siddhi Sadhana
Mantra Siddhi Sadhana - Part 2
Auspicious Periods for Mantra Diksha
Bhojan Gyan for Mantra Sadhana
10 Sanskars to Remove Mantra Dosha
Kurma Chakra and other Essentials in Mantra Sadhana
Main Component of Mantra Sadhana Part- 1
Main Component of Mantra Sadhana - Part 2
Main Components of Mantra Sadhana - Part 3
Mantras that need Guru Diksha
Difference Between Shabar and other Mantras
Is Pratyaksh Darshan of God Possible
Can Husband Wife take Diksha from same Guru
Immense Benefits of Mangal Chandika Stotram
What to do during Grahan Kaal
Uses of Kapoor in Tantric Rituals
Mantra Details and Important Asana Information
Basic Principles of Mantra and Tantra Sadhana
Mantra Siddhi Short Upayas and Doshas
Origin of the Mysterious Hum Sound Explained
Lighting Cotton Wicks in Water By Magic
Are their Side Effects of Vashikaran Mantras
Reason Behind Parikrama Ritual In Temple
How to Easily Find your own Ishta Devta
Best Days Timings and Directions for Tantrik Mantras
Skull Worship and Human Sacrifice in India
Immense Benefits of Mantra Sadhana in Brahma Muhurata
Help of Ghosts in Naked Mantra Sadhana
Does a Vashikaran Mantra Really Work
Immense Benefits of Likhit or Written Mantra Japa
Alternatives for Recommendation in Tantra Mantra Sadhana
Science Behind Vashikaran By Photo Technique
Description of Various Kinds of Mantra Japa
Simple and Basic Tips on Visiting Temples
Remedy for Mantra Sadhana Interrupted By Death in Family
Best Tithis for Starting Mantra Sadhanas
How to Perform Shodashopachara and Panchopchar Puja at Home
Purpose and Meaning of Ugra Sadhana
Do Totke and Upay without Mantras Work
Effects of Kleem and other Vashikaran Mantras
Tantra to Gain Siddhi over Shabar Mantras
Do not change your Meditation Mantra Frequently
Real Functioning of Vashikaran and Sammohan Mantras
Ashtagandha and Devdutt or Amuk Yantra Shastra
Our YouTube Channel on Mantra and Yantra Vidya
Attract Positivity this year during Navratri
How to Immediately Stop Superstitions Using a Mantra
How to Chant Life Transforming Mantras
Is there a Healing Mantra for Coronavirus
12 Famous and Popular Vashikaran Mantra Techniques


  1. I used to go one guruji(tantric). he ruined my life.once I was studying I saw him bounding me around me. after few minutes my mind stopped working now I have no interest in studies.
    what to do sir,he can see everything on wall about me.
    how to start my studies because I feel bounded
    please help me sir

  2. Salutations to the Sangha and Gurudev;
    Dear Ashok Mehta i have been looking for 2 key concerns, first one its an article that im almost sure i ve seen on this website reffering to some tips like using Gurudev picture when you got no yantra to make a mantra prayoga or sadhana i havent found again that article that was erased from mine computer by the maintenance program the other important question its about how to get the Kalaratry-Katyayani sanmohan sanhar mantra... thanks widely namaskar.


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