Are there Side Effects of Vashikaran Mantras

After writing numerous diverse articles on Vashikaran, Mohini, Akarshan Mantras, Yantras and Totke since the past 9 years or so, it is my experience that many persons who practice these Attraction Spells are afraid of the adverse, bad and harmful side effects of Vashikaran.  This is evident from the numerous comments and mail, I receive regularly on this topic.

From my experiences, people fearful about the bad effects of Vashikaran come under 3 broad categories.

1] Is your inner-mind constantly telling you that you are doing something wrong and harmful or that what you are about to do is not right and unfair to the person on whom you are casting the Voodoo Spell of Attraction.

Such persons should immediately stop practicing any kind of Vashikaran Tantra as there is duality in their thinking process and the mind and senses are giving emitting differing vibrations.

2] Are you worried that what you are attempting to do is a Tamsik[destructive] paranormal activity and it is likely to rebound back on you and harm you.

Such persons should put an end to all Vashikaran related activity as their fear is overpowering them and they are unlikely to gain success in Vashikaran Prayogs and Sadhanas. Such persons are also likely to suffer from psychological problems due to their fright.

3] Are you constantly worried and thinking that you have not followed the correct procedure and are making some kind of mistake, which will harm you or that you will do something wrong,  while practicing the Vashikaran Experiment.

Such people are also unlikely to get success in Vashikaran Sadhanas are they lack the necessary confidence to harness and unleash their thoughts and energies in the direction of the desired person or the end object of the Vashikaran Experiment.

Who should not practice Vashikaran Sadhanas and experiments
Persons with a doubting, nervous and uncertain mind or those suffering from chronic fear thoughts should refrain from practicing any kind of Vashikaran related experiments, including Totke and Upay. This is so because doubt, fear and uncertainty are indicative of mental weakness and low or drained energy levels.

People who lack energy will find it most difficult to successfully complete any kind of Mantra Sadhana or Tantra, including Vashikaran Sadhanas.

Success in Vashikaran is to a large dependent upon the ability of the mind to harness the inherent energies, which are present in the Mantra, Yantra or Tantra and direct them in the direction of the end target of this experiment.

Hanuman Mantra for removing Bad Side Effects of Vashikaran Mantras
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How to discontinue any Vashikaran Sadhana or Tantra
Do a Smaran of your Isht Devta or favored deity and chant  any Mantra of that deity. If you do not have any Ishta Devta or favored deity, then you can always chant the Hanuman Mantra [shown in the image] for physical and mental protection, which, has been post many times earlier on this site, once in the morning and once before going to sleep at night.


  1. And if ishta devta is hanuman himself,then will we surely get protection?

    1. Of course what doubts is here? Hanuman is ever intent to expel any evil directed to His devotees.

  2. Sir Thank you for your this post. This post is so good. Especially it helps me cone out of the dire Agnosticism.

  3. तंत्र शास्त्र मे प्रयोग द्वारा सिद्धि प्रदान करने वाले .षटकर्मो का विस्तृत उल्लेख है .इनका आशय ही यह है कि मनुष्य इन प्रयोगों से अपने जीवन मे आ रही बाधाओं को दूर करे.इन कर्मो मे वशीकरण का स्थान दूसरा है .आज्ञाकारिता ही वश्यकर्म है यानी किसी को अपने अनुकूल बना लेना कि वह आपकी इच्छानुसार व्यवहार करे.
    इसीलिए तंत्रशास्‍त्र मे स्त्री/ पुरुष,राजपुरुष,सभा ,विरोधी,आदि को वश मे करने हेतु असंख्य मंत्र और साधन (जल,गुड़,मिठाई,पान,सुपारी,तिलक,फूल,सुगंध,भोजन,दृष्टि आदि)दिए गये हैं .इसी शृंखला मे योगिनी,यक्षिणी,अप्सरा ,प्रेत,जिन्न,बेताल ,वीर आदि भी हैं ,जिन्हे वश मे करने के लिए विभिन्न प्रयोग हैं .
    इनके साथ प्रतिबंध यह है कि इन प्रयोगों को ग़लत उद्देश्य से न किया जाए .अगर आपका किसी को वश मे करने का उद्देश्य गर्हित हो,कुत्सित हो ,वासनात्मक हो ,तो आप लाभ की उम्मीद कैसे कर सकते हैं .अपने अंत:करण से पूछिए कि क्या आपका उद्देश्य पवित्र है,तभी इन प्रयोगों मे प्रवृत होइए .महज जिग्यान्सा शांत करने,मंत्र के प्रभाव का परीक्षण करने,किसी को प्रताड़ित करने के लिए न करें .अन्यथा हानि की संभावना बनी रहती है .

  4. Sir if anyone who is mind reader reads ur mind wen u do a sadana . will that sadana work . becoz i cant stop them from reading my mind. They are like if i select a sadana they will know . my sankalp and everything they will know. They dont even stay with me but they knows all details of sadana. How shud i stop them from reading my mind.

  5. you are doing sadhna in poojasthal of your house,you are not telling anyone about your sadhna,there is no outsider
    in your pooja-sthal,then how can anyone,sitting far away,read your mind?Remember your Isht-dev before the sadhna,read raxaa-mantra,do digbandhan,take sankalp and complete the sadhna.
    As far as I know the mind reader can read the mind,when the victim is physically present before him .

  6. Sir u dnt know he is so powerful he says wats happening now at this moment . he even knew that i was asking u for remedy.he is nt good.

    1. Hi,you should put all things the guy gave you in floating water. Have batuk bhojan for little children at home. Pray to maha kali and your ist devta first. I m too strugling but will come through. Keep mind cool and trust in god. Do panmukhi hanuman stotra,hanuman chalisa,durga chalisaa,durga paath, i will pray to god hope u get free from that tamsi tantrik

  7. सर्वप्रथम तुम्हे भय से मुक्ति की आवश्यकता है.इसके लिए श्रीगणेश कवच उपयोगी हो सकता है .तंत्र बाधा निवारक कई साधनाएँ हैं,जिनके लिए दृढ़ निश्चय की आवश्यकता है .मा तारा साधना और महाकाली खड़ग
    प्रयोग लाभप्रद हैं .घुटते रहने,भय मे जीने से बेहतर है अपनी नारी शक्ति को दुर्गा मे परिवर्तित करने की .

  8. Please don't do such thing on anyone. Its really painful. Live a life of your karma. coz what goes around comes around.


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