Ghost Removal By Methi Seeds Mantra

This a special Shabar Mantra to remove a ghost, demon, evil or unsatisfied spirit, which has possessed a person. This Exorcism Mantra, which is said to be a Siddhi Bhoot-Pret-Atrupta Atma Nivaran Mantra from the Kamakhya Tantra.

As this is a Siddha Mantra, it does not need “Mastery” and can be practiced anytime to exorcise a possesses person of the evil entities that have possessed him or have penetrated his aura are are troubling and harming him.

The practitioner should light a small fire and then take some Methi or Fenugreek Seeds in his right hand and rotate his hand over the body of the possessed person in a clockwise manner[ Utara]. The Utara should be done by chanting the Mantra, this Kriya should be done 7 times in all.

After this, the practitioner should touch the body of the possessed person with the same hand and then throw the Fenugreek Seeds in the fire to finish the exorcism ritual.

भूत सबका भाई आनंद अपार | 
जिसको गुमान से 'अमुक ' को मार ||
हमरे सांई को पाऊँ को पाऊँ करो सलाम हजार |
जाते होये भूत आवेश किनारा ||
जितनी मेथी छोड बड़े और अग्नि का अन्त |
तस का धुम्र गंध ते पत्न में भूत भगंत ||
'अमुक ' अंग भूत नहीं यह मेथी के लाय | 
उठि के आगे रत क्षण में जाय पराय || 
आदेश देवी कामरू कामाक्षा माई | 
आशा हाड़ी दासी चण्डी को दोहाई ||
Bhoot Sabka Bhai Anand Aapaar |
Jisko Guman Se ‘Amuk’ Ko Maar ||
Hamre Saamee Ko Paaun Ko Paaun Karo Salaam Hajaar |
Jaate Hoye Bhoot Aavesh Kinara ||
Jitani Methi Chhod Bade Aur Agni Ka Aant |
Tas Ka Dhumra Gandh Te Patna Mem Bhoot Bhagamta ||
‘Amuk’ Aang Bhoot Nahim Yaha Methi Ke Laaya |
Uthi Ke Aage Rata Kshana Mem Jaaya Paraaya ||
Aadesh Devi Kaamroo Kamaksha Maee |
Asha Haadi Dasi Chandi Ko Dohaaee ||


  1. Dear Guruji, please tell us whether the mantra should be chanted 7 times while doing 7 utara or chanting only once is enough. Shall we do it for our house if we feel it is affected by some kind of bad influence. Please help me Guruji I am suffering a lot. All my efforts to develop in life is going waste. Please reply me Guruji. I am in a desperate situation.

  2. Thank u guruji for this wonderful remedy . Amuk k sthan par kiska Naam Lena h guruji


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