Devotional Satyavinayak Ganapati Mantra

The Satyavinayak Puja or Maha Puja is somewhat similar to the Satya Narayan Puja, in the Satyavinayak Puja, Shri Ganesha is the presiding deity. This special Ganapati Puja is performed on auspicious occasions, especially during the period of Ganesh Chaturthi for seeking the blessings of Ganesha in resolving problems and obstacles, including eradication of disease, enemies and poverty.

The Satyavinayak Puja is an elaborate ritual, which is prescribed to be performed in the evenings. There is a specific set of Puja-items and a specific set of rituals to be followed in order to perform this Puja, hence, it is best to get it done through a priest.

Satyavinayak Ganapati

In this post, I have given a simple, yet effective Mantra of Shri Ganesha for the benefit of those persons who find it difficult to perform this elaborate devotional ritual. This Mantra is especially for the true and devoted Bhakts of Shri Ganesha who wish to come close to their favored deity. Apart from this the Mantra also has great value in meeting the material needs of the Bhakt.

ॐ सत्यविनायकाय नमः ||
Om Satyavinayakaya Namah ||

The meaning of this Mantra is “I seek the blessings of Ganesha who is the only truth in this Universe”

The Mantra, which should be chanted like a long-term Meditation Mantra is said to start gathering strength after the completion of One Million Mantra Chants.


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