Ganesha Yantra for Benefit from Property

In this post, I have described a Bhumi Labh Yantra or a Charm to benefit from land and property. The Yantra might appear to be most simple and basic, yet it is a most effective and powerful Yantra to gain profits and happiness from anything connected to land and property because the Devta of this particular Yantra is Ganesha.

The procedure for making and using this Yantra is simple and uncomplicated, if you follow the guidelines given below.

1] Like described in the previous Ganesh Yantra, the Yantra Sadhana can also be started during the current most auspicious period of Ganesh Chaturthi or the favorable dates mentioned in the earlier post, which can be seen here – Vinayak Ganesh Yantra

2] The procedure of worshiping the Yantra is also the same as described in the earlier post, you can also co-opt any other form of Ganapati Bhakti and worship Ganesha as per your desire and liking.

3] This Yantra Sadhana is for 25 days during which you must sit in-front of the Yantra and chant any Ganapati Mantra you like for 1000 Mantra Chants, using a Rudraksha, Moonga or Haldi Japa Mala. A wide and diverse selection of Ganesh Mantra can be seen here- Ganesh Mantras Section

4] Everyday for these 25 days, the practitioner has to offer a Prasad of Milk and Sugar to the Yantra.

5] After, the completion of the 25 days Yantra Sadhana, the Yantra should be prepared on gold and worn around the neck like a good fortune charm.
Ganapati Ganesha Yantra for Benefit from Property and Land
Ganesha Yantra for Benefit from Property

Notes- As this is a Satvik or pure Yantra Prayog, it will help only those trying to gain from property using honest means. If Property Developers, Dealers and Estate Agents wish to perform this Yantra Sadhana, it will only help them in fair and above-board transactions.

The Yantra Experiment can also prove to be beneficial to those people wishing to purchase their own house, flat or apartment, office or shop premises or land for any purpose, including farming and cultivation.

The practitioner has to maintain a Sativk outlook during the 25 days of the Yantra Experiment and avoid excesses in anything and abstain from wine and non-vegetarian food stuff.


  1. Can it be used in benefit from mines

  2. Neel ji please reply ... I'm in estate agents . And I'm woman please help me out with monthly cycle doubt . Secondly first we have to make it on paper then on gold plat ?
    Please clarify it. Thanks a ton .

    1. You should dicontinue during the monthly cycle and resume after the cycle, first make it on paper and then on gold or you can laminate the paper yantra and keep it in your purse or pocket.

  3. Charansphar guru ji.
    Thanks a ton sir. ...great thanks to you.
    last question how to draw these yantra means which ink and pen should be use just because to increase efficient just because ink are using for different purposes ( eg. On bhojapatra with ashatgandha ink ).
    And secondly guru ji bless me with your heart. If any good things will happen I will donate something in your great work. Promise .

    1. You can write the Yantra on white paper with a red pen, it will give the same effects.


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