Mantra to give Enemy Diarrhea and Kill Him

The Maran Mantra described by me in this post is not for actual practice, but only for information purposes on how, some sects of Tamas Guni Aghori Sadhus kill their enemies by infecting them with the most severe type of Diarrhea, which ultimately kills them. In the Hindi language this Mantra is called as the Shatru Ko Atisaar Se Marne Ka Maran Mantra.

This is one of those Maran Mantra Experiments that are practiced by only some of the most advanced practitioners of Tamas Guni Tantra Vidya, Such Aghoris can practice such fearsome and deadly Mantra Experiments because they have gained Siddhi over such experiments by way of performing severe life-threatening Siddhi Sadhanas.

This Mantra Experiment has to be only performed during the specific period of the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra or Gamma Pegasi in the English language. It will not be successful if performed during any other period.

During this period the Aghori Tantrik takes a 3 to 4 inches long bone of the foot of a dog and infuses it with the Mantra given below by holding the bone in the right hand and chanting the Mantra 7 times.

ॐ खुर खुरीभ ठः ठः स्वाहा ||
Om Khur Khuribh Thaah Thaah Swaha ||

He then, throws or secretly hides the Mantra Infused dog bone into the home of the enemy, The Maran Tantra says that doing so infects the enemy with the most severe type of diarrhea, which makes the enemy loose half his weight and ultimately kills him.

Note- As explained in the opening para the Siddhi over this Mantra Experiment is gained by performing most severe penances, hence, fools and idiots or those who try to attempt each and every Mantra Sadhana should stay away because the Mantra could rebound back on them and destroy them instead of the enemy. 


  1. Many of the readers here do not d sadhna but rather enjoy reading
    Also remember that such tamas guni sadhaks or practitioners are not as powerful as they are understood
    They can never win over satvic sadhaks as those tamas vidhyas invoke all itar yonis like bhoot preet picscah yaksh gandharv dakini shakini etc
    All itar yonis are given power by god himself so rather than doing itar yoni sadhnas for anything try to do sadhnas of god through which you can be even more powerful than these yonis
    Than whats the need to do their sadhnas for small gains

    1. Guru Swami,
      Guruji ! Could you please give me your mail id?

  2. can we use it on ourself to die

  3. Do you have the siddhi sadhana for this mantra ?

    1. The Mantra should only be practiced during the specified period. there is no Siddhi Sadhana mentioned in the Tantra.


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